Digest This…

As the remains of turkey and stuffing continue to digest in your gut, here is some more food for thought.

Since my last post, I have been up to the following.

  • I am in the process of doing some minor editing on four short stories.  I expect to have this completed by the end of tomorrow and will begin sending them out to publishers for review.
  • I am in the very beginning stages of being a guest on an internet radio show.  During the show I will be reading an excerpt from Night School.  Once I know the date and time, I will let you know.
  • There is something BIG the works, as far as a signing goes.  More to come…
  • I am in the process of waiting on an order of business cards to come in.  On Monday, I will be placing an order for bookmarks.  The reason I mention this is because I will also be having a large quantity of flyers printed up in the near future to advertise Night School.  I will then distribute these on people’s car windows, businesses, etc.  So, if you live in the Cleveland area and would like to donate some of your time (and possibly earn yourself a pack of beer), please let me know.

That’s all for now.  I gotta get off here and continue editing a few stories.  Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to check out the Bookstore while you’re here and order a copy of Night School.


Finale of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read the final part of my Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind.’ 

Also, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Bookstore to order a copy of my novel, Night School.

Available for Purchase: Night School

At long last, your opportunity to purchase my novel, Night School is here. 


It is available in Tradeback/Paperback (6×9) and can be ordered at:

Barnes & Noble


You can also access the above links in the Bookstore.

If you haven’t yet read what Night School is about, click here.

A side note on the ‘release date’ that I previously mentioned.  The release date of 1/17/09, means that it will be available at all the book distributors and online retailers by that date.  But, of course, it is available now at the ones above.  So, if you order now, your copy will be shipped now and not in January.  By all intensive purposes, the book has already been released and can now be ordered by anyone; bookstores, the public, etc.

If you do decide to order a copy, feel free to drop me a line here and let me know.  Also, don’t forget to check out the FAQs to learn how you can get your copy signed by me after you receive it.

Sticker Shock you say?!  Yeah, well, what can I say…I didn’t set the price…if I had my way, it would be free for everyone.  Ok, well, maybe not.

Part 7, of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read Part 7, of my weekly installment of the Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind’  It can also be accessed by clicking the appropriate page to your right.

As a reminder, there is only one part remaining after this one.  Since Thanksgiving is upon us, it will be posted next week on Wednesday (11/26) instead of Friday.


As a side note, I was contacted this morning by another (website) to do an interview.  The interview will take place mid-December and be posted to the website around the date of Night School’s release on 1/17/09!  Once I have done the interview and it is available, I will let you know where to go to read it!  Hint:  It is a site that is under my Links.

What’s going on, Part Deux

As the time approaches when I will be able to tell you where to ‘pre-order’ Night School, I thought I would give you another update to what is currently going on.

1)  Arranged a book signing for mid-2009.  There will of course be others before then, but I have to wait until all the book distributors have the book in stock, so that the bookstores can order them for events.  I will of course keep you posted on these, under Appearances/News, to your right.

2)  I was asked by another magazine, today, for an interview.  Once I have done the interview and know exactly which issue of the magazine it will appear in, I will let you know.

3)  A new excerpt of Night School is now posted under Freebies.  Go check it out!

Other than those things, I have been keeping busy today with continuing to write the short story about a Mummy, I mentioned in my previous post. 

Also, remember the second to last part of ‘Jacob’s Mind’ (Free Serialized Short Story) will be posted tomorrow.

What’s going on…

There are a few things I would like to update you all on.

1) I was contacted by a new magazine (can’t say which one, yet) that will debut early next year.  They inquired with me about the possibility of them doing a feature on me in their Oct 09 issue, with an interview, short story, etc.  Additionally, they asked if I would be interested in writing a ‘review’ for them.  I, of course, said, yes – to just give me the details and that I would come up with something.

Once these are set in stone, I will of course let you know.

2) I mentioned here about my short story, ‘The Ringmaster’ being published in the Nov. edition of Orion’s Child Magazine.  I said I would update you all on the link so you could read it, but it hasn’t went live as of yet.  Once I find out what’s going on, I will let you know.

3) Began another step in the promotion and marketing of Night School by contacting libraries here in Ohio and around the rest of the US, asking them to pre-order the book from the publisher and place it on their shelves.

4) I mentioned here about me working on a Chapbook.  Currently, a publisher in the UK is reviewing it.

5) There is a film producer that is currently reviewing the short stories that are making up the Chapbook.

With everything that is going on, I haven’t had much time to write anything new, especially not the new novel I was working on before Night School was accepted for publication.  Although, I am in the middle of a creepy short story about a Mummy, that I hope to have done by the end of the week.  I’ll then start shopping that around to different magazines, as well.

Hope everyone is doing well and don’t forget about the Contest!

Part 6, of ‘Jacob’s Mind’

Click here to read Part 6, of my weekly installment of the Free Serialized Short Story, ‘Jacob’s Mind’     It can also be accessed by clicking the appropriate page to your right. 

As a side note, there are only two parts remaining after this week, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to read what has been posted so far, now is the time to do it.  The End is coming…