Booksigning Results

It was still cold in Medina, Ohio, today, even with the sun shining bright.  But the chill in the air didn’t stop people from coming out to the Borders where I had a signing on Saturday (28th).

I sold some books, but more importantly met some great people that I enjoyed speaking with.  If you are one of the people that stopped by the table and spoke with me, I thank you!  In addition, if you didn’t buy the book at the time, feel free to browse the site; to read more About Me, look over the FAQs, read some interviews, read and listen to some excerpts of Night School and buy the book when/if you are ready.  (As a side note, is currently out of the book, which is why if you search for me on the site, you won’t be able to find it.  I was just informed today that once their supplier receives additional copies, the book will reappear on their website.  In the meantime, you can always order the book from the various other online retailers that do have it in stock).

Thanks again and enjoy!


Remember the Signing!


4927 Grande Shops Ave.

Medina, OH  44256

Event:  Signing

When:  Feb. 28th from 1-3pm

There will be copies of Night School available for purchase if you don’t already have one or you can bring in your own for me to sign.

Stop by if you can and say, ‘hello.’ 

Hope to see you there.

Sale on

If you have been waiting to order Night School till a bookstore had a sale, now is your chance. is now taking three bucks off the cover price.  So order now!

As always, you can read (and hear) a few different excerpts of the book by clicking here.

To view a full list of where Night School is currently available, visit the Storefront.  While you’re there, check out the Night School T-shirt and Werewolf Magazine #9, which contains my short story, ‘Thirst.’

As a reminder, you can read (online) my short stories, ‘Gnomus’ and ‘Jacob’s Mind’ by visiting the links on the Published/Upcoming Works page, as well as, a few book reviews I have written and various interviews I have done.

Night School (Knife) Project – Part II, the newspaper interview & an annoucement

If you have been following, The Beginning and Part I of the Night School Knife Project, click here for the next few steps, which are posted on the JDB Knives message board.

If you are interested in checking out the interview I did with the Piqua Daily Call that I mentioned, you can visit the paper’s website to read the article.

In addition, I wanted to make the annoucement that I have begun my next project. 

As many of you know, right before Night School was accepted for publication, I was 20,000 words into a new manuscript.  Though, once I knew Night School was going to be published, I put the ‘novel-in-progress’ on hold to concentrate on promotion and marketing activities. 

Now that Night School is off to a running start, I can finally begin working on something else.  Well, ‘begin working’ might not be entirely accurate. 

What I decided to do this time around, instead of continuing with a novel, I am going to do a ‘short story collection.’  This collection will be about 200 pages long (about 50,000 words) and will include three previously published stories, as well as, nine or ten new and original ones.  Of these stories that are new and have not been published before, I only have two or three to write, before reaching my page count goal.

As of last week, I received word from my publisher, that whenever I would like to send in the manuscript, they will be ready to review it.

I suspect I should be able to accomplish this in the next month.  Which would mean a mid to late 2009 release date on the book.  As always, I’ll keep you posted.


New Excerpt of Night School

You can now read a newly posted excerpt of Night Scool by checking out Freebies.

You can also read the first chapter here.

In addition, if you would like to hear an audio clip of me reading an excerpt of the book, click here.

To buy it, visit the Storefront. While you’re there, pick up a Night School T-shirt and Werewolf Mag #9.


Newspaper Interview

I am originally from a small town, a half hour north of Dayton, Ohio, named Covington.  When I moved away shortly after college, the town had a population of around 3,000 people.  The town was so small that we didn’t have a newspaper that was printed in the town itself.  The majority of folks in town read the Piqua Daily Call, which came out of the City of Piqua, the next town over from Covington.  As any newspaper, it covered local, national and international news.

Recently, I was interviewed by Jennifer Runyon from the paper.  The interview will appear in the Monday, February 23rd edition. 

Since the majority of you won’t be able to read the interview, you can still see the majority of the questions I was asked in FAQs or in the other interviews I have done recently.

In addition to the interview, I was asked to submit a photo of myself holding Night School.  I figured I would go ahead and post the picture here, not only to give you a feel for the article but to finally let some of you see what I look like (besides the small picture in About Me).

In any event, below is the picture I sent in.  Disregard the nerdy smile and fluffy hair (I normally look a whole lot more cool…ok, well, maybe not).

Carpe Noctem, Bloodee

‘Jacob’s Mind’ was once a serialized short story posted here on this website.  As you might have noticed, it is no longer under ‘Pages’ to your right.  This is because it has been published by Bloodee.  You can read the story (again or for the first time) on their website, by clicking here.

In addition, Yvan, from Bloodee, wrote up a nice little blurb about me.  You can read it, by clicking here.

As a side note, check out two new links under the appropriate section to your right (Jack Ketchum & Brian Keene).  If you haven’t heard of them…you’re missing out on some great writing in the horror genre.