I Scored At The Coffee Shop!

I was at a local coffee shop in Berea, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) yesterday to get my usual drink of choice – Iced Coffee – when I peered over my shoulder and spotted a bin full of movies priced at only 50 cents.  Needless to say, I said, “hold on” to the barista and headed on over to the bin.  As I started to dig through the movies, with the help of my 2 year old, I started to notice that a few of them were of the horror variety.  Though, as you might imagine these movies weren’t new or even close-to-new releases.  For the most part they were all movies and shows from the 60’s and 70’s.  But, that didn’t deter me from finding a few movies that caught my interest.  Among them are: Wolf Man (1979), Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) and Scream of the Wolf (1974).

I watched the Scream of the Wolf, tonight, staring Peter Graves and Clint Walker.

From the back cover of Scream of the Wolf:

Adventure writer John Weatherby, played by Peter Graves (Mission Impossible) is called in to investigate a series of brutal murders that has investigators confused.  The clues are not clear and leave no clear trail.  The tracks left at the murder site appear to be that of a wolf, or a man, or both.

Lost in his search for answers, Weatherby contacts his old friend Bryon, played by Clint Walker, a mysterious hunter and recluse, to help him track this unknown killer.  His friend is not much help but may know more than what he’s willing to say.  The suspense and terror builds as danger lurks in the shadows of the night.  SCREAM OF THE WOLF will keep yo on the edge of your seat and remind you to stay in at night and lock your doors because you never know what could be lurking in the shadows of the night!

I’m not going to say much about the movie itself, except that I enjoyed it.  The movie was fast paced (it was only 80 minutes long) and had some classic 70’s music, which I was bobbing my head to!  Oh, and I definitely didn’t see this particular ending coming.  Overall a pretty good early horror flick!

Oh, did I mention Scream of the Wolf was written by the one and only Richard Matheson (I Am Legend)?  Cool!


Sittin’ on top of a hot stove…

I’m not actually sitting on top of a hot stove in the kitchen, but I and Night School were recently given a shout out by jharmon on May 27th on a site called, BookStove.

The title of the article is, ‘Five Horror Novelists You (Probably) Haven’t Heard of…Yet’.  The blurb about me is at the top of the page. 

You can read what jharmon had to say about me and the book, by clicking here.

Posted: New Excerpt of Night School

I apologize for the sporadic posts this week, but I am busy working on the novella that I mentioned here.  I do expect to have the novella completed before I leave go to Nashville, TN, for Hypericon 5 next Thursday.

So, having said that, I wanted to at least give you something new to read.  You will find a new excerpt of Night School posted here.

If you like what you read, head on over to the Storefront and buy the book.

Remember The Contest!

As a reminder, the current contest runs through, Friday, May 29th.  So, if you’re interested in scoring a free copy of Sinister Tales Magazine 4.2, which contains my short story, ‘The 7th House’, I would suggest you enter soon (I would also be more than happy to sign the mag for you).  You can read more about the contest and how to enter, by clicking here.


As a side note, thank you to all of you that have ordered Night School via B&N.com since they have been offering free shipping (which ends Today).  The current sales rank is the highest the book has ever been down to (the lower the better).  Awesome stuff!

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New Project

I mentioned here that a few other horror authors and I were going to write a novel-length book, containing three novellas, one written by each of us, but we weren’t sure what the theme was going to be.  So, now that I have finished and sent out my short story collection, I figured it was time to update you on what is going on with this particular project.

The theme of the book will be ‘a doctor makes a house call’ and each novella will be loosely based on this theme.  Basically this means that each novella will contain this idea in the first chapter, but from there each of us takes the story in our own direction.

I mention this now because I have begun the writing for my part of the book.  Though, I’m not going to give you any clues yet with what my novella contains, I will say that the writing is going well…and fast.  At this rate I should be done with my novella in 8 days (a novella is a minimum of 25K words) – so you do the math where I’m at right now.  But, even though the writing is coming fast and furious right now, I doubt I’ll be able to keep up this pace or have the time to do so, to complete it in only 8 days.  But, hey, never say never…right!?

I’ll let you know more about this project as updates become available.

A Comment From…

John Raab, the Editor at Suspense Magazine.

We are very happy that Ty contacted us. He is the type of author that we love and want to see become a national bestseller. I think the public needs to keep an eye out for Ty, his energy and style are great. We need more emerging authors like him.

Thanks for the kind words, John.  I look forward to working with you, as well.