A Weekend To Remember

Was a guest at Context 23 this past weekend.  As last year, I had a fabulous time and got to hang out with some old and new friends.  I know I’m going to forget to list one or two of you here, but from what I remember (my head is still a bit fuzzy, btw), I wanted to thank the following people, for various reasons, for making this year’s con one to remember:  Kevin Lucia, Maurice Broaddus, Elizabeth Massie, Tom Erb, Shelly Erb, Jason Sizemore, Tim Deal, Steven Strewsbury, Michelle Pendergrass, Scott Sandridge, Kurt Criscione, Brian Hatcher, Rhonda Wilson, Sheldon Higdon, Mark Wholley, Janet Harriett, Andrew Wolter, Danny Evarts, Michael West, Nick Winks, Brady Allen, Dean Harrison, Michael Knost, David Ritchey, Elaine Blose and all the rest of you that came up and introduced yourself to me but whose names I can’t recall right now.  All of you are awesome people and I feel so lucky to be able to continue our friendships or grow new ones.

Heres to another great Context.  Until next time…


Hittin’ the road…

…tomorrow at noon to drive down to Columbus, Ohio for Context 23.  If you live in or around the area you should stop by and listen to some great panels and stick around for the fun times at night.  You can click here for details of what my weekend will entail.

Hope to see some of you there!

The Book List

I noticed that I’ve been making quite a few announcements as of late.  This is a good thing, of course, but also might be mind-boggling to some of you who are trying to figure out when to budget your money for one of my future releases.  So…below you will find a complete list of the seven…yes, I said, seven…books that are set to be released starting next month through 2012.  These are strickly books that have my name on the front cover (i.e. anthologies where I’m the editor, novellas, collections, etc) and don’t include my non-fiction column(s) or short stories that are appearing in various publications.  My goal is to have 10 books released by the end of 2012 – which there is a very good chance at happening if all goes well.  Anyway, below is the list.


Fem Fangs (Co-Editor), Pill Hill Press, Late September.

For After Midnight (short story collection), Dark Quest Books, 4th Qtr.


Dark Things II (Editor), Pill Hill Press, January.

Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn (a 3-novella collection by Myself, Dean Harrison & Thomas A. Erb), Wicked East Press, February.

Relics & Remains (Editor), Dark Quest Books, March.


On Dark, Lonely Nights (short story collection), Wicked East Press, 1st Qtr.

Dinin’ (novella), Bad Moon Books, 1st Qtr.

There you have it.  Seven releases in three years.  Stay tuned, though, as I might just have a few other ‘announcements’ to make in the next few months, as well!

Relics & Remains

Relics & Remains is an upcoming anthology of short stories that will be released in March 2011 by Dark Quest Books.  I will be the sole Editor on the project and have decided to make this particular anthology ‘Invite Only’.  As you can imagine from the title, the 12 to 13 stories that will be contained in the book, will deal with dark tomes, relics that have evil origins, people that believe in such things, etc.  Given the folks that I’m inviting to take part in this project, it should be quite a collection of terror-filled tales.

I’ll fill you in on the authors taking part in the project when the list has been finalized.

Dark Things II

The past few months I’ve been reading and editing submissions (now closed) for the female vampire anthology, Fem Fangs, which I’m Co-Editor.  Fem Fangs will be released late September of this year.

My original plan after finishing up the the hard copy edits for the Fem Fangs antho was to begin writing some short stories for a still unannounced project (which I should be able to officially annouce within the next week…) that will be coming out late 2011/early 2012.  Although, the owner at Pill Hill Press came to me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – to be the sole Editor on an anthology she’s soon opening up to submissions (actually it’ll be more of a roll-over type of thing).

In any event, starting early/mid-September, I will begin reading submissions for Dark Things II.  At this point I’m guessing a tentative release date of early 2011.  To read the Call for Submissions for Dark Things click here.  The owner at Pill Hill would like this to be an ongoing series and I’m very excited to be part of the second book.

So, go read the Call for Submissions, and think about writing something for either volume I or II.  Should be a scary good time.

Update (8/24/10):  Submissions are now open.  Click HERE to read about Dark Things II and how to submit.

Shroud #9 – Available for Pre-Order!

Shroud Magazine #9 that contains my short story, ‘Liquid Courage’, is now up for Pre-Order for a mere $6.99.

‘Liquid Courage’ is essentially about a guy that is trying to get over a heart-felt break up with his long-time girlfriend.  He’s going through a lot of internal strife and is looking for a way out.  He thinks about committing suicide until one of his friends come up missing.  Shortly after the disappearance he starts receiving notes of his friend’s whereabouts.  He tries to put aside his own personal demons while searching for him.  But in the end it turns out that he’s not the only one that needs saving…

Product Description for Issue #9:

Shroud welcomes the Summer with startling stories from the Brothers’ May, Lon Prater, Robert Canipe, Marie Brennan, Alethea Contis, Debbie Kuhn, Ty Schwamberger and many more! Brian Keene and Scott Christian Carr share their latest columns, I.E. Lester investigates the zombie phenomenon, Mark McLaughlin interviews a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD icon, Derek Fox discusses the Art of Fear, an interview with Jeff Strand, and cover art and interview from Tom Brown. So much more!

Click here to order a copy!