2nd Annual Laymon Book Contest – Part II

As many of you know, the massive and incredibly awesome work of the late great Richard Laymon is what inspired me to start writing.  Because of this; last year I started what has now become an annual event – The Richard Laymon Book Contest.  In fact, this is the second time this year I’ll be giving away a book.  You can read about the origins of the contest here.  As always, many thanks to Ann Laymon, who graciously donated what you’ll see up for grabs.

So without further ado…I bring you the next book that you can enter to win.

The Traveling Vampire Show

Publisher: Cemetery Dance

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 252

Pub Date: August 2000

Condition: Brand new/Never been read


About the Novel:

Though gloomy with clouds, it is a hot, August morning in the summer of 1963. All over the rural town of Grandville, tacked to power poles and trees, taped to store windows, blowing along the sidewalks, fliers have appeared announcing the mysterious one-night-only performance of The Traveling Vampire Show.

The show will feature Valeria, the only known vampire in captivity. According to the fliers, she is a gorgeous, stunning beauty. In the course of the performance, she will stalk volunteers from the audience, sink her teeth into their necks and drink their blood!

For three local teenagers who see the fliers, this is a show they don’t want to miss.

But they may have to.

Though they can probably scrape up the price of admission, other obstacles stand in the way. One problem, nobody under 18 years of age is allowed into the show. Dwight, Rusty, and Slim are only 16. Another problem, the show begins at midnight and the three teens always have to be home by then. If that weren’t bad enough, the show is to take place at Janks Field — a desolate patch of ground with a nasty history — that has been declared off limits by their parents.

The situation appears hopeless.

Though Dwight and his friends fear they won’t be able to attend the actual performance of the Traveling Vampire Show, they do have the entire day to themselves. Why not hike out to Janks Field and take a look around? With any luck, they might be able to watch the crew make preparations for tonight’s performance. If they’re really lucky, maybe they’ll get a peek at Valeria, the gorgeous vampire.

And so the three friends set off on foot for Janks Field…

Dwight is a solid, honest kid, long on common sense and loyalty to his friends. He always tries to do what’s right.

Rusty is a husky guy who relishes trouble.

Slim, their long-time pal, is the brains of the outfit, a voracious reader of novels, an aspiring writer, and a girl. Also, she is sometimes too brave for her own good.

The Traveling Vampire Show is the tale, told in Dwight’s own words, of what happened to him, Rusty and Slim on that hot summer day they hiked to Janks Field. It’s the story of their friendship and love, their temptations, their betrayals, and their courage as they went where they shouldn’t go, did what they shouldn’t do… and ran into big trouble.


This is the Unsigned Second Edition Hardcover featuring the same production values as the Limited Edition but without a signature sheet.  It was originally priced at $40.00 but now you have the opportunity to get it for FREE.


How to enter:

In the past I had everyone enter via email.  Not so this time around.  This time I’m making it easier.  All you have to do is post a comment, any comment, under this contest post and you’ll be entered automatically.

Your entry must be posted by Midnight on Friday, December 17th.  The lucky winner will then be announced as a comment by me under this post by Sunday, December 19th.  At that time I will provide instructions on how to contact me in order to claim your prize – which you have 24 hours to do so.  If you don’t email me by that time, I’ll post the next random winner and so on and so forth.  Which means; make sure to check back sometime on 12/19 to see if you’ve won.  And, yes, there is a method to this madness at entering.  Please, only one entry per person – though you might receive bonus points (and another free book perhaps?) by commenting elsewhere on my site.  This doesn’t mean spamming the site.  If you do this, I’ll be forced to send an evil garden gnome to wipe out your vegetable garden come spring.

That’s it.  Good Luck!


23 thoughts on “2nd Annual Laymon Book Contest – Part II

  1. Just to update everyone. Yes, Aimee has emailed me and claimed her prize. I have also received the first runner-up email from Suzanne. There is still one book up for grabs. Hurry.

  2. And the winner is…Aimee. You have 24 hours to email me with your complete mailing address.

    To everyone else…since this is the giving season, I’ll be giving 2 runner-up prizes. So, the second and third persons to email me after Aimee will also win a book from my personal collection (who knows what it may be…).


  3. Very cool contest! Who doesn’t love Layman and vampires? Haven’t read this book but love the description… 🙂

  4. Laymon is great, and “The Traveling Vampire Show” is one of his best. Thanks Ty, great contest.

  5. Richard Laymon is hands down my favorite author. He’s had the biggest influence on me as a writer, and I won’t stop until I own everything he’s written. The Beast House novels are sick, One Rainy Night and Ressurection Dreams will always be all time favorites, and of course Traveling Vampire Show. I’m hoping Anne Laymon comes to the World Horror Convention in Austin next year so she can sign THIS book for me. But seriously, Laymon is missed.

  6. Well, heck. I won a Laymon book last year. Maybe I can make it two years in a row. Count me in. 🙂 CD hardcover … nice.

    I’ll have to throw up a retweet to get the word out.

  7. hey ty, does that mean i win cos you commented on my post?!lol! only joking. I hope they hurry up with it as I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep me posted please as everywhere I look there are no definitve answers.xx

  8. Hey Suzanne. I actually spoke with Mindy at Cemetery Dance a few months ago and she said that they still plan on putting out In Laymon’s Terms but it will probably be after the first of the new year (2011). I’ve had mine pre-ordered for about 6 months as well so I guess we’ll see…

  9. And also, it’s a shame for me cos I paid for and have been waiting for ‘In Laymon’s Terms’ about a hundred years ago and still there is no word on the horizon as to when it is going to arrive….is the sympathy vote getting it?!xx

  10. ty ty ty ty ty….just let ME win please!!! Or I think you will be forced to send the garden gnome all the way to the UK as I will just mither you to death.xxx

  11. What a great contest idea! You talk about Richard Laymon all the time, and this is a very cool way to get his books into new reader’s hands. I’ve heard great reviews about The Traveling Vampire Show–hopefully it’s as good as Twilight!! (Huge amount of sarcasm…)

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