The Fields – Blurbs (2 of 7)

“With The Fields, Ty Schwamberger did the near-impossible:  made zombies interesting to me again.  Not only interesting, but frightening, as well.  Throw in more than a dash of scathing social commentary, a pace that never stops to catch its breath, and a sly bit of gallows humor, and you’ve got a winner. Kick yourself if you miss this one.”

— Gary A. Braunbeck, Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-winner, author of To Each Their Darkness and A Cracked and Broken Path.


The Fields.  Coming next month from The Zombie Feed, an imprint of Apex Publications.


Ty-ing Up the Genre with Jonathan Maberry

This month, ‘Ty-ing Up the Genre’ on Hellnotes dot com, brought in Thomas A. Erb to interview NY Times Bestseller, Jonathan Maberry.  You can read the interview here.


7 for 7

What’s this mean?

Starting today and each week thereafter I’ll be posting a blurb for my forthcoming novella, The Fields, coming from The Zombie Feed, an Imprint of Apex Publications.

7 for 7.

7 blurbs for 7 weeks.  Which should end right in time for Pre-Orders to begin.

So, let’s get going.

Starting now!

“Ty Schwamberger knocks it out of the park with his novella, THE FIELDS. No sooner do you begin to read, than you realize that the story is much bigger than the words on the page. The setting is timeless, and the horror depicted much more than ghoul and gore. THE FIELDS is a story you don’t want to miss, and Ty Schwamberger is an author to watch, for he just may be headed for the major leagues.” 

— Deborah LeBlanc, Author of The Wolven

2 & Done

I normally don’t post very many personal things on here.  But, I figured it was time to vent a little and give you a little snippet on what I’m going to be up to going forward.

The last 4 months have been exhausting for me.  I’ve been working both a full & part time job, besides trying to keep up with my various writing and editing projects.  You might not be able to tell from everything I have going on, but I’ve reached my limit.  Something has to give…and I’ve decided it will be the pointless PT job.

What does this mean?

I’m going to kick it up another notch the next few months. 

Really, it came down to this: prior to 4 months ago I had no trouble saying, “Sure, I can complete a novella for you in a month.  No problem.”  Then bam!  It’d be done.  Or, “You need a short story in two days?  No problem.”  Bam!  Done, again.  Needless to say, the last few months haven’t been that way.  Sure, I still have plenty of things coming out during the next two years, but during the last 4 months I had to start carefully planning each and every turn-in date to make sure I could meet it.  And even though deadlines are the name of the game (and to some extent I actually dig them) this isn’t the way I like doing things. 

Fact of the matter is – I like to write.  A lot.  My output can be pretty staggering when I actually have the time to do it.

The last 4 months haven’t been that way. 

Instead, I’ve had to carefully plan when I was going to sit down and do some writing, editing, whatever.

No more.

Two weeks and I’m done.

That’s my plan, my notice, to my PT job employer come this evening.

2 & Done.

Yup.  That’s right.

Release Updates (and a few teasers)

Just wanted to bring you up to speed with some release dates over the next few months.  Unless noted below, everything is still on schedule.  Oh, there’s also some additional news after the updates.

Fell Beasts – Is currently at the Printer, available now for Pre-Order (shipping by month end) and you’ll be able to purchase in both Trade Paperback and Ebook by 2/28.

The Fields – My zombie novella will be coming out in late March instead of this month.  (wait till you see the blurbs for this bad boy!)

For After Midnight  – My first short story collection will be sent to the Printer on 2/25.  Available in Trade Paperback on 3/24 and Ebook on 3/31.

Relics & Remains  (Ambrotos Press) – I am currently editing the stories, the cover art is complete and will be sending to Dark Quest (parent company of AP) during the next week.  Originally scheduled for a March release, this will now be sent to the Printer on 4/29, with a release date of 5/27.  This may seem like a long way off for an originally scheduled 1Q release, but the wait till definitely be worth it.

I should also have at least 3 new announcements for future books in the coming month.  All novellas; one will be a non-traditional werewolf tale, a coming-of-age occult story (remember me talking about this one?) and another zombie novella.  All will have release dates during the next 2 years.  There are also some additional things in the works, but I can’t quite say anything about those yet.

As I’ve said for the past few months…

Stay tuned.  This is only the beginning.

Fell Beasts – Now Available for Pre-Order

Fell Beasts is now up for Pre-Order via Dark Quest Books.

Table of Contents:

Spelunking by R. Scott McCoy

The Whispers in the Cage by Timothy Moore

Samuel by Jason Sizemore

Excitable Boy by Thomas A. Erb

On Fine Feathered Wings by Gord Rollo

In Darker Waters by Robert Ford

Night Shift at Hotel Mara by Dean Harrison

Sandwalkers by Michael West

Splinters by Adam P. Lewis

There Goes the Neighborhood (Holiday Version/Extended Cutting) by Brady Allen

Yellow by John Everson

Back cover blurb:

Almost every kid believes there are things lurking under their beds or waiting in the shadows for the opportunity to jump out and attack if they happen to play outside too far into the night.  But, as we grow up, we mature and realize there really aren’t things that go bump in the night.

Or is there…

In this eclectic collection of eleven short stories by some of today’s veterans and up-and-comers in the horror genre; you will uncover things that may revert your mind back to when you were a little kid.  You’ll discover: hairy beasts that dwell in caves and wander the wilderness in search of prey, things that slither and lurk in the water, creatures from Hell, people that think they are a monster or an animal, dwarf-beasts, vicious winged creatures and a macabre experiment on an unfortunate soul.

But, you can handle all that, right?

If you think so, forget about calling for mommy or daddy to come save you if something bad happens…

…cause you’ve been warned.

Orders will be shipping by the end of the month, so click HERE to Pre-Order your copy today!  This title will also be available via Ebook on 2/28.

Relics & Remains – Cover Art


Relics & Remains, Edited by Ty Schwamberger

Featuring Stories by:  John Everson, Adam P. Lewis, Tim Deal, Deborah LeBlanc, Steven Shrewsbury, Thomas A. Erb, Dean Harrison, Sheldon Higdon, Maurice Broaddus, Wrath James White, Mike Oliveri, Dora Machado, Michael Laimo and Jeff Strand.

Back Cover:

People have always been fascinated about the past.  Some even going to great lengths to uncover what’s taken place long ago.  But sometimes when people venture into locations that aren’t suitable for the living, bad things can happen.

That’s when these self-proclaimed explorers start to unearth strange looking, ancient artifacts and the cursed remains of the once-living.

They think they’re going to be rich and famous.

But, that might just be the furthest from the truth.

To them, taking that risk is what it’s all about…until things start to go wrong.

So, for those of you that are into ‘finding’ strange things, here’s some words of advice…

Proceed with caution when digging up someone else’s Relics & Remains.

Cover Art by Thomas A. Erb.

Coming this March from Ambrotos Press.