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You’ve probably already noticed, but I changed out the above header on the site. The creepy, haunted house with my name had been place since September 2008, so I figured it was time for a change. Going forward, as each title comes out, I’ll remove the oldest book cover and replace it with a new one. Just a fun little thing to keep doing. Hope ya’ll like it. Feel free to let me know what you think.


Grave Intentions – Cover Art


Coming Early 2012.

House Call (film) – An Update

I mentioned here about my story, House Call, being optioned for film. Today I received, read through and approved the script. Shannon Casto of Little Oak Film Group did a fantastic job adapting the story, and I know you all will dig it a lot.

More details; including when filming will begin, photos during production, release date of the DVD, etc will be posted once I know more.

Update (6/25/12): Filming will begin in July 2012.

“Hung With Care”

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre, edited by Shane McKenzie.

Table of Contents:

“Consensual” by Jack Ketchum

“” by Boyd E. Harris

“Face” by Patrick Shand

“Ghunt” by Lee Thomas

“Joyeux Paques” by Emma Ennis

“The Greatest Sin” by Kevin Wallis

“The Greenhouse Garden of Suicides” by Kirk Jones

“I *Heart* Recycling” by Lesley Conner

“Taco Meat” by Jon McNee

“Remember What I Said About Living Out in the Country?” by A.J. Brown

“Every Day a Holiday” by Steve Lowe

“Seeing Red” by Chris Lewis Carter

“Southern Fried Cruelty” by Matt Kurtz

“By Bizarre Hands” by Joe R. Lansdale

“Family Man” by John Bruni

“We Run Races With Goblin Troopers” by Lee Thompson

“Pascal’s Wager” by Wrath James White

“A Special Surprise at Thanksgiving Dinner” by Elle Richfield

“Waiting for Santa” by Bentley Little

“Hung With Care” by Ty Schwamberger

“Sunshine Beamed” by Marie Green

“Dia de los Inocentes” by Elias Siqueiros

“Three, Two, One” by Nate Southard

You can now purchase this killer anthology in Trade Paperback at the Publisher or Amazon and for Kindle via Amazon.

Video Blog V

You can now check out Video Blog V on my YouTube page. In this video blog, I read the beginning paragraph to each story contained in my new short story collection, For After Midnight, published by Naked Snake Press.

Click here to check out the video, then here to order the eBook for your Kindle. The Trade Paperback edition should be available sometime this week.


For After Midnight – Now Available in eBook!

For After Midnight is now available in eBook for only $2.99 via Kindle, Nook & various digital formats on Smashwords. That’s a helluva deal –under three bones for over 80,000+ words of terror. Below is the Table of Contents.

In The Woods

Urban Monsoon


The 7th House


Rebirth: The Rise of Pharaoh Masika

Web Blog

Spare Rib Soup

Cake Batter

Future Hall-of-Famer

The Ringmaster


The Halloween Hero

The Legend of Johnston’s Creek

Liquid Courage

Jacob’s Mind

One Brew Too Many?

All in the Line of Duty (bonus novelette)

But, before you go order a copy, click HERE to check out the book trailer. The Trade Paperback edition will be available for purchase early next week from Naked Snake Press.