Guest Blog Post — Ty Johnston


Hello, I am Ty. No, not Ty Schwamberger. I’m Ty Johnston, the other Ty. I write mostly epic fantasy, though I do pen a horror story from time to time.

Ty, Schwamberger that is, has been kind enough to allow me to take over his blog for a day while I’m out in the blogosphere this month on a blog tour. Each day of February I have appeared on a blog. Today being the last day of the month, and it being a leap year, that’s 29 blog posts.

29 posts sounds like a lot to some people, especially in such a small amount of time, one month. It might even sound crazy, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

Which is what I’m writing about today, the fun of blog touring.

I did my first blog tour back in November of 2011, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to do another. Initially I wanted to do a tour as a way to help promote myself as a fiction writer. In November I had an e-book fantasy novel released, that novel titled Ghosts of the Asylum, and this month my latest novel, Demon Chains, was made available to readers.

Back in November, I quickly learned I wanted to keep doing blog tours not for promotions, but simply because I loved doing them.

Blog touring is a lot of work, especially when one is appearing each day of the month on the blogs of others. First you have to find other bloggers who are willing to host you for a day. Then there is the matter of scheduling, and of course all the posts have to be written.

Most writers who take part in a blog tour do not have a post each day of a month as I have done, but appear once or twice per week. I decided to shoot for the moon and to go for a slam dunk, to spread out my blogging goodness as far as possible and to as many blogs as possible. To that end, the majority of blogs I appeared in this February are not the same blogs I posted with last November.

Also, for anyone considering a blog tour, there are groups out there online which will help to set up a tour for you. I prefer to do things myself because I want to retain control, and I like keeping track of the details myself.

Why do I find blog touring fun? Because I get to meet lots of people online I might otherwise have never known. Some I’ll only be in contact with once or a few times, others will become casual friends, while still others might become longtime friends. That was what I quickly learned in November, and is the main reason I did this tour for February.

The key is not just to have one’s posts put up, but to return after the postings. To check the comments. To respond. To see what others have had to say. This is how new acquaintances are made and sometimes long friendships are built.

As I wind down my tour, this being my final guest post, I want to thank all the other bloggers who have hosted me, and that includes Ty Schwamberger. I also want to thank all the readers who have read and taken the time to comment upon my many posts. Without my fellow bloggers, and without the readers, there wouldn’t be the fun, the excitement of a blog tour.

Ty Johnston’s novels include Demon Chains, City of Rogues, Bayne’s Climb and Ghosts of the Asylum, all of which are available for the Kindle, and most are available for the Nook and online at Smashwords. To learn more about Ty and his writing, follow him at his blog


Bartender, Please – Now Available! (Updated)

‘Bartender, Please’ is based upon the novella “Last Night Out” contained in the 3-novella collection Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn (Schwamberger, Erb, Harrison – January 2011). This tale is a “what happens next” to the still-living characters in the aforementioned novella.
Reader’s beware: This story is icky, bloody and brutal.

In other words…you’ll love it!

Click here to download this short-short story to your Kindle for only .99 cents!

(Author’s note: You don’t need to read the novella to enjoy this story, but it will help you understand the character’s situation a bit more.)
Update: From 2/29 – 3/4 you’ll be able to download to your Kindle for FREE!

DININ’ – Audio Book

I’m pleased to announce my forthcoming novella DININ’ is being made into an audio book. Produced by Cup O’ Tea Productions, narrated by Randy Capes, it will be released alongside the Trade Paperback, which is coming July 2012 by Bad Moon Books.

Grave Intentions – Book Trailer

I announced awhile back about my forthcoming atypical werewolf novella. Grave Intentions will be an exclusive Kindle release next month. Below is the synopsis.

Rodney’s life started to spiral out of control after the untimely death of his beloved wife. He ended up on the rough streets: fighting for his sanity, his next fix and feeding himself. But it was his hunger for getting high and trying to forget his former life that was the hardest for him to control. Or at least he thought. Then came the night when he and another junkie walked into Parkside Cemetery, dug up the dead body of Becky Smithshire and…bit into her cold body.

That’s when Rodney’s life really changed.

Derrick, Craig, Joan and Stacy were the best of friends, if not a little more at times. Late one night before their impending first days of college, they decided to have a liquid-picnic in their local cemetery. It was supposed to be a night of laughs, booze and sex. Until Derrick came running back to his three friends, scared half to death. He started babbling about seeing something that looked like a werewolf.

Now the three friends must escape from the cemetery before the werewolf finds them and chomps them into little pieces.

Will all four friends survive? Or will the bloodline of the werewolf win the night?

Only the deepest bonds of friendship and something even greater holds the answer.

Until then, go check out the book trailer.


Interview on Brummet’s Conscious Blog

Lillian Brummet recently asked me a few questions about the craft of writing, advice for aspiring authors and my path to publication.

You can check out the interview here.