Ministry of Zombies — Interview

I recently sat down with the creepy folks who run the Ministry of Zombies website and answered a few questions.

You can read the interview here.


Grave Intentions — Audio Book

I’m pleased to announce my novella Grave Intentions is being made into an audio book. Produced by Cup O’ Tea Productions, narrated by Randy Capes, it will be released late 2012.

You can pick up the Trade Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon.

Grave Intentions – Trade Paperback Edition

Rodney’s life started to spiral out of control after the untimely death of his beloved wife. He ended up on the rough streets: fighting for his sanity, his next fix and feeding himself. But it was his hunger for getting high and trying to forget his former life that was the hardest for him to control. Or at least he thought. Then came the night when he and another junkie walked into Parkside Cemetery, dug up the dead body of Becky Smithshire and…bit into her cold body.

That’s when Rodney’s life really changed.

Derrick, Craig, Joan and Stacy were the best of friends, if not a little more at times. Late one night before their impending first days of college, they decided to have a liquid-picnic in their local cemetery. It was supposed to be a night of laughs, booze and sex. Until Derrick came running back to his three friends, scared half to death. He started babbling about seeing something that looked like a werewolf.

Now the three friends must escape from the cemetery before the werewolf finds them and chomps them into little pieces.

Will all four friends survive? Or will the bloodline of the werewolf win the night?

Only the deepest bonds of friendship and something even greater holds the answer.

Go check out the book trailer, then head over to Amazon to purchase this 86 page atypical werewolf novella in Trade Paperback ($4.99) or Kindle ($1.99).