Gnomus & The 7th House

I announced here about T Allen Press publishing a short story via Kindle each of the next 12 months. “Gnomus” & “The 7th House” is the first installment. As an added bonus, the first release contains two stories.


“Gnomus” is a 2,200 word short story. The tale centers around Steven whom is newly retired and is becoming increasingly annoyed by his wife’s “to do” list. Little does Steven know Deborah has an unique way to make sure he completes everything on her list.
The follow-up to the previous story is 6,600 words and entitled “The 7th House”. This tale takes place at a haunted house attraction where Steven exacts his revenge on Deborah’s nasty little way of making him do what she wants.
Visit Amazon to download over 8,500 words of terror-filled fun for less than a buck!

The Fields — A New Review

Wag The Fox posted this today about my atypical zombie novella, The Fields. You can still purchase the Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio Book editions on Amazon.

“It turns out that one way to go forward with the zombie genre is to go backwards–in time, anyway. Ty Schwamberger’s novella, The Fields, offers up the story set in the days following the American Civil War of Billy Fletcher, a young plantation owner in dire need of help to keep the farm going before the tobacco crop dies. He inherited it after his father passed away, a cruel slave-owner who didn’t just exploit those indentured on his farm, but tortured them as well, even burying slaves behind his expansive tobacco fields. Even his son wound up the receiving end of more than a few beatings for showing sympathy for the slaves and other deeds considered sins in his father’s eyes.
But despite vowing to run the plantation differently from his father, to work the land himself rather than resort to slave labor, the young man is failing. Enter a man named Abraham who knocks on Billy’s door one day and offers him a solution. There’s no real telling where Abraham came from, but he sure seems to know a lot about Billy and his father, and assures Billy that what he needs to do is follow in his father’s footsteps. And that’s something that Billy is adamant about avoiding, because he doesn’t want to be a slave-owner like his father. But what if the slaves are already dead?
This was a tremendously creepy zombie story, due mainly because of the racial current running through it. The idea that a person would only be enslaved during when they’re alive, but when they’re dead as well, is an unsettling one to say the least. One thing I had trouble envisioning as I read the book was the farm. Billy, Abraham, and the zombies jumped off the page, but the plantation itself felt very much like a stage-dressing when I was expecting something much more vivid. But, maybe tobacco fields just aren’t that much to look at.
Apex seems to have a knack for showcasing books in the zombie genre that stray from the road most traveled, though it’s sad to here the Zombie Feed imprint is no more. Ty is an emerging talent in the horror genre, to be sure. I’d only read some of his short fiction prior to this, so it was nice to sit down with a longer work and see how he brings a story to life when there’s a little more room to breathe. I’ve got a couple more of his novellas on my to-be-read pile, and I’m definitely looking forward to checking them out, too.”

12 for 12

For each of the next 12 months (including this month) T Allen Press will publish a short story via Kindle. All come from my short story collection For After Midnight. The 332 page Trade Paperback, eBook or Audio Book editions can still be purchased on Amazon. If you’ve never read any of my stuff, but always wanted to, you’ll soon be able for only .99 cents each month. Below is the cover of the first Kindle release, followed by the full release schedule. Note: a few releases will contain more than one story, since the lengths are fairly short.

“Gnomus” & “The 7th House” – September 2012 (coming next week)

“The Halloween Hero” – October

“Spare Rib Soup” – November

“Liquid Courage” – December

“Urban Monsoon”, “Cake Batter” & “Future Hall-of-Famer” – January 2013

“In the Woods” – February (Update: This short story will not be released, as it’s the Prologue & Epilogue to my novel, Deep Dark Woods, coming early 2013)

“Jacob’s Mind” – March

“Rebirth: The Rise of Pharaoh Masika” – April

“One Brew Too Many?” – May

“The Ringmaster” – June

“Hunger” & “Thirst” – July

“All in the Line of Duty” – August

A Yearly Ritual

I first became a published writer, an author, back in the Fall of 2008. Below is a quick and dirty count of what I’ve had published since that crude beginning.

3 novellas

1 short story collection

1 novelette

11 short stories

2 anthologies (as editor)

2 audio books

1 short film (based on my short story)

2 imprints (ran as managing editor)

2 columns (hosted)

15 reviews (written Sept 08 – Dec 09)

24 interviews (as interviewee)

Coming in the next 12 months: 1 feature-length film (based on an unpublished novella), 2 audio books, 2 anthologies (as editor), 2 novellas and 1 novel.

Writing for only 4 years now, that’s not bad. At least I don’t think so.

Why do I mention all this, you ask? Because Today is my 35th birthday. That’s right, you can feel free to send me gifts if you’re so inclined. Not up to buying something? No? Instead, how about You get something on this special day. Would a Free Kindle download be sufficient? If so, click on one (or all) of the below titles and get some macabre goodness.

Bartender, Please (short story)

Two Men, A Rat, And A Lady (novelette)

Grave Intentions (novella)

What else does the future hold for my writing? I suppose only time will tell. Until then, I hope you enjoy the above titles, and as always, thank you for your continued support.