Deep Dark Woods — Now on Amazon (US)!

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While the official release date isn’t until June 27th, Amazon (US) has already made the Trade Paperback (digital edition available upon release) of Deep Dark Woods available for purchase. This monster of a novel comes in at over 400 pages! You can order your copy via the links, below.

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Deep Dark Woods — Available for Pre-Order!

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cover artwork by Nick Rose

Deep Dark Woods is now available for Pre-Order from Crowded Quarantine Publications (UK). The novel is set to be released on June 27th. Below is the synopsis and how to purchase your copy.

Jake Jennings thought a camping trip would be a great way to reconnect with his family. But when he mysteriously disappears after heading off in search of firewood, his wife, Samantha, and daughter, Alexis, are left all alone in the woods, searching, hoping, and for the time being, surviving.
Four college friends are on their way to spend a weekend in the woods for a college research project and, of course, a little partying. But as they near their destination, they are run off the road by another car. After losing one of their number in the crash, the friends must find a way back to the sanctuary of their school.
Park Ranger Carl Stevens has been on the job for eight long years, through good times and bad. Just when he thinks it couldn’t get any worse, his tedious life is turned upside down when he almost hits a girl, running from the woods and into the middle of the road. But that’s the least of his worries, especially once he hears what she’s been running from.
Can an everyday Park Ranger save the girl, find the missing family, and stay alive long enough to celebrate?
Because not everyone survives what’s lurking inside the deep dark woods…
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