March Plug #3 — David Owain Hughes

Walled In by David Owain Hughes Synopsis A weapon, designed ‘in the dark’ at an army barracks just outside of Cardiff, South Wales, has been unleashed. Intended for use against enemy troops, the chemical, comprising Bird Flu, Bovine Flu and Foot and Mouth, turns those affected into murderous lunatics for twenty-four hours before the body … Continue reading March Plug #3 — David Owain Hughes

March Plug Month 2014

In March of last year I opened up by blog to anyone who wanted some free advertisement for their work. I’ve decided to do it again this year. If interested, email a jpg of your book cover, a short synopsis, a bio, your website link, where to purchase the book, etc, to Please format this information how it appeared in the posts … Continue reading March Plug Month 2014