House Call – Trailer #2 (feature length film) – (December 2022)

House Call (feature length film) – (December 2022)

House Call (feature length film) – (June 2013)

The Killing Club (novella) – (June 2013)

DININ’ (novella) – (December 2012)

Relics & Remains – (anthology) – (November 2012)

Grave Intentions (werewolf novella) – (April 2012)

The Fields (zombie novella) – (December 2011)

For After Midnight (short story collection) – (October 2011)

Fell Beasts (anthology) – (March 2011)

Cake Batter (Short Film) – (Released on DVD in 2010)


6 thoughts on “BOOK/FILM TRAILERS

  1. Great to hear. I am very excited to scare people even more when we get to release the DVD soon. Everything is going very well, the sound is being mixed and I am programing the DVD. So not very long. We should be able to do pre-orders through Ty’s site as well as mine soon!

  2. Hey Ty~way to go of the book. I am related to you. Don & Darlene Riley are my Uncle & Aunt. My step-son is a senior in HS and is working on a book. He is a very gifted writer. Best of Luck with all your writing endeavours. Cheryl

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