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Please note, contact information has been broken into two sections — fan contact and business contact.


General Comments/Questions: This is the best place to contact Ty (under a blog entry on the main page). He responds to questions and comments every day (so check back within 24 hours for his reply).

Email: If you would like to ask Ty a specific question and need a more personal reply, feel free to contact him at:

Mail:  If you are old-fashioned and want to write Ty a letter or send a book or magazine for him to sign please query first at:


Cover Blubs and Book Reviews: If you would like Ty to review and provide a blub for an upcoming book’s cover or write a book review for a site/magazine please query Ty at: and he will provide you with an address where the material(s) can be sent.

Booking: If you would like to have Ty Schwamberger as a guest at your convention, have him do a signing or in-store appearance, or hire him for a speaking engagement please email inquiries to: Please note that in some circumstances where Ty has to travel a great distance there might be special arrangements that need to be met first.

Writing and Publishing: If you are interested in hiring Ty Schwamberger to write a novel, novella, short story, edit a book, corroborate on a project, etc., please send inquiries to

Film Rights: If you are interested in adapting one of Ty Schwamberger’s stories into film, please send inquiries to (note: “Cake Batter” and “House Call” have already been optioned — everything else is still open for discussion)

Note:  Please place an appropriate subject line to the email with what your inquiry pertains to.