The last few days…

I figured I would give you an update on what I have been up to the last few days.

  • Sent a Book Review I wrote to a magazine for possible publication. 
  • Received word back from the publisher of Night School, that they received all the necessary information and artist release form.  So the book is officially in Pre-Production (editing).
  • Continue to throw around ideas with Jaime Ortiz of Trippy Tease Productions (who did the cover art for Night School) on what sort of graphic to have on top of the website.  Note:  I suspect this will be done in the next two weeks, if that.  So far, it is looking pretty kick butt!
  • Finished the first short story today, of what I hope will be a collection of short stories and published in Chapbook form.  The tentative title of the Chapbook is, 11:11.  I will, of course, be doing the writing and Jaime Ortiz will be working on the art part (think a comic book for adults, but not in the normal comic book form).
  • Sent a short story of mine, titled ‘The Ringmaster’ to a magazine for possible publication in their October 2008, Monster Issue.

So yeah, it has been a pretty busy last couple of days.  I am doing ok, though.  I just keep plugging away.  I’ll of course give you any updates as they come in.


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