The start of something new: Macabre Friday

Beginning today and each Friday going forward, I will be posting news from around the world of the macabre variety. 

So, without further ado, I bring you the first installment of Macabre Friday.  To read the stories, click on the article’s name.

Macabre Mexican mummies eye world tour

The Science of Bloodsuckers

‘Facebook’ bound in priest’s skin for sale

Macabre Thief Caught Stealing Human Skull To Make Ashtray

The Bone House at Hallstatt

If you read all that and are still hungry for more, how about buying a copy of Night School.


One Response to “The start of something new: Macabre Friday”

  1. Ty, you never cease to impress! Thanks for posting such creepy stuff. I know I can aways get my fix of the strange and wickedly creepy by stopping by your site! I don’t think that people realize the hard work & time that goes into it. Great job!
    Melissa S Diaz

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