Night School (Knife) Project, The Beginning

I first mentioned here about throwing around some ideas with JD Boren, owner of JDB Knives, about the possibility of him designing and making a custom knife to bring out the essence of what Night School is all about. 

Well (drum roll, please)…

Both JD and I are excited to officially annouce our collaboration of him making a limited edition, number run of the Night School knife.  You can read more about the accouncement via his site by clicking here.  JD is a great guy and I am truly honored to be working with him on this project.

Once the promotional knife has been completed, I will make sure to post a picture of it here, the price of the knife and how to go about ordering it!  OR…if you already like what you see on his site and want to reserve one now, Contact me and let me know.  Because, remember, there won’t be many of these made and should truly become a collector’s item (that just so happens to be bad ass looking)!


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