Going Old School on Myself

OK, so I’m reverting back to my college days when I was studied history.  With this major, there were two (three) things that were necessary – reading/research & writing.  Since then, I think I have covered the reading and writing, but now feel the need to delve back into the world of research.

What kind you ask?  Let me explain (and why I need your help).

I’m curious where my book is selling the best (according to online sales rankings, it is Barnes & Noble, as of right now) – this is where you come in.

If you have bought the book, I would like to hear from you (plus you’ll have a chance to win the current Contest) with the following information.  To reply, you can leave a Comment under THIS post or email me.

1)  In which month did you order (i.e. pay for) the book?  

2)  Where did you buy it from – an online bookstore (amazon, barnes & noble, borders, etc), brick & morter store or directly from the publisher?

3)  Would you be willing to leave a ‘book review’ on one of the above mentioned sites?

OK, I think that is about it.  I thank you in advance for your help.


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