A project dedicated to you, my fans

I started this website on September 28, 2008.  As of this post, there have been 9,216 visitors to the site.  For that, I thank you!

Because of you, my new and old fans, being so dedicated coming back to the site over and over again and my writing, I have decided to give a little something back.  I am going to write a short story (the theme decided by YOU) and post it on the site when the ticker in the bottom right hand corner reaches 10,000.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me via comment below what kind or theme of story you would like to read.  After a week or so I’ll then pick the most interesting idea, let you know what it’s going to be and start writing it. 

So…let me hear you…what do you want to read about?


4 thoughts on “A project dedicated to you, my fans

  1. Gef,

    The clicking reminds me of my short Jacob’s Mind (a link can be found under Published/Upcoming Works). Though, in that case it was coming from inside his head!

  2. Maybe something a little Twilight Zone-ish. A man (or woman) wakes up to hear a clicking/chirping noise in her bedroom. She can’t find the location of the noise, though. As time passes, the noise becomes more pervasive and sounds in more than one location.

    What’s going on? Does his/her problem meet a resolution?

  3. Well, I always like a good zombie story. In fact, I’ll give away part of a story idea I’ve had for a while but just not got around to writing … terrorists introduce nanotechnology into a human population that turns a high percentage of that population into zombie-like creatures, not necessarily undead but more akin to the raving plague-carriers of the 28 Days later movies. I’ve read a few articles and watched a few TV programs about how nanobots can be used, and in the future will more often be used, to help rebuild parts of the body, perhaps even eventually defeating cancer.
    So why not nanobots that destroy or “turn off” the parts of the brain that keep us rational? But can also keep rebuilding the effected body when it takes damage? At least for a certain period of time, maybe a month or so.

  4. Ty – A thriller … Doctoral students looking for editing services for their dissertation via online search (say Craigslist). The person (killer) responds to their request, gathers their personal information, then kills them with shred marks on the body. Victims are from the same professor, so he is a prime suspect. The professor (in a sub-story) is bisexual and had affairs with those killed, strengthening the police case. The killer … well … I’ll leave that up to you. Contact me if you want to hear more of my ideas.

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