Map Update

You might have noticed that the ClustrMap in the bottom right hand corner looks, well, rather empty.  I was wondering the same thing after I logged on today.  So, I researched it a bit and found the following explanation from the service provider:

The sudden disappearance of dots means that a regular archive has just occurred…this is a yearly occurance.  Old maps will remain available in a stored archive, which is accessible as follows: when you zoom in to the world map, you’ll see (high on the page) a line labelled:

Navigation: Map with smaller clustrs / Maps Archive / Notes, etc

The second link (Map Archive) will take you to the page where the previous thumbnail map is stored.

So, if it’s your first time here and you want to see where hits occurred last year or just didn’t check it out prior to September 30th, follow the above instructions and see it for yourself.


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