Short Story Published

My first short story ever published was by Orion’s Child Magazine.  I return this month in the October issue as the featured author.  The name of the story is entitled, ‘The Ringmaster’ and was hailed by the Editor of OC as, “masterful and uber-creepy.”  To which I think you’ll agree once you’ve read it.

As a side note, this could possibly be the last free-to-read short story I have published for quite some time.  Not because I can’t get them published, but rather I have come to a point in my writing that in order for me to get paid, the magazine has to be sold.  So, take advantage of this free short story – it could be the last you see for awhile…or maybe not…gotta keep you guessing somewhat, don’t I?!

Click here to check out the cover of the new issue and HERE to read the story (strickly for archiving purposes on their site after this month).

As always, you can go to the Published Works page to check out everything I’ve had published and/or to read some of the free stuff that is out there.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


One thought on “Short Story Published

  1. really enjoyed it,found it very amusing. i really do have a twisted sense of humour,lol

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