Withdrawing a Submission

Sometimes it is necessary to withdraw a submission from a publisher.  This can be because the story was accepted as a greater collection of work at another publisher or for ‘creative differences’ (which can include a wide variety of things).  Having said that, today I formally withdrew my novelette ‘All In the Line of Duty’ from Suspense Magazine.  This 13k word story was in their possession since September 2009 and after repeated promises by the editor to find an issue (the last promise was the March issue, which is now out and it wasn’t included) to place it in, I had to take matters into my own hands and withdraw the accepted submission.

For those of you that might be in the same position, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of such an action.  As for my case, there’s something even bigger in the works for the novelette…and a few more of my short stories.

Good Luck and Stay Tuned!


Another one bites the dust

Pulled into this Borders in Fairlawn, Ohio today and saw the above sad sight.  Borders, along with the other large chains and independent bookstores, have been hit hard by the economy and although I scored some books at 30% off, I would gladly rather see this store remain in business and pay full price for the items that I want.  One day I wouldn’t be surprised to see 90% of the brick-and-mortar stores go by the wayside and the rest of the people that aren’t already buying their reading materials online to do so at that time.  But for me, nothing will ever beat the feeling of walking into a bookstore, picking up the latest horror novel, reading the back cover blurb, the smell of the fresh printed paper or the look of excitement of those people that are true lovers of the written word.  Today was indeed a sad day.

Cake Batter Promo Items – Now On Sale!

Now on sale are t-shirts and a coffee mug to promote the 25-minute short film, Cake Batter.  The film is based on a short story of mine and was adapted and filmed by Shadetree Films.  If you haven’t seen the 1-minute trailer to the film yet, you really should.  The film should be released on DVD within the coming months.

The t-shirt and coffee mug will sport the same design as the DVD’s cover, as shown above.

Click here to view and buy the Cake Batter T-shirt

Click here to view and buy the Cake Batter Coffee Mug

Ty-ing Up the Genre – ‘An Introduction’

The debut of my self-titled column, ‘Ty-ing Up the Genre’, on Hellnotes is now available for your reading pleasure.

‘An Introduction’

Check it out!

A few items of interest…

An annoucement will be coming in the next few days that may be of interest to you regarding some promotional items that will be on sale for the film, Cake Batter.

as well as…

A new contest will finally start again in the next week or two.  Because of the length between contests, I’m making sure this one is a BIG one.  The value of the prize will be well over $200.00.  This item is horror related but not a book.  

Check back soon for details on both things!

It’s long past due…

That I register a domain name and drop the ‘wordpress.com’. 

From now on this website will have the address of…


It’s the dawn of exciting things to come in 2010.  This is only the beginning!