Past & Present

A few weeks ago I met Kyra Szepietowski at a location of her choosing so she could take some new promo pictures of me.  The setting was Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio.  Glendale, established back in 1839, turned out to be the perfect place to have the shoot (even though it was rather cold and dreary that day).  Below are only a couple of the hundred shots she took.

Personally, I not only found Glendale to be cool because I write scary stuff, but from a historical standpoint, as well.  This probably comes from me being a history major back in college, but as I walked through the place, often found myself looking at the last names and dates on the headstones, wondering what those people had done with their lives.  I recoginzed quite a few of the names. 

In fact, one of the taller monuments had the late name – Seiberling.  One of the Seiberling’s founded a rubber company which ended up being bought by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.  I was familiar with the last name while attending Heidelberg College (now, University) – Seiberling Gymnasium.

Anyway, I found it pretty cool. 

You can read and see pictures of Glendale Cemetery by visiting Mr. Ed’s blog by clicking here.

Also, if you live in the Akron, Ohio area and are looking for a photographer and would like to speak with Kyra about possibly working together, shoot me an email (under Contact) and I’ll get you in touch with her.


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