Cake Batter – Pre-Orders

Yes.  It is finally that time.  Your time to Pre-Order your very own copy of Cake Batter.  The short story version of Cake Batter (that is part of my short story collection coming out late this year) was adapted into a screenplay and filmed by Shadetree Films.  The DVD will not only contain Cake Batter, but two bonus short films by Shadetree, as well.  Below are the details on each film.

Cake Batter – Run Time: 22 mins.

Cake Batter is the adaptation of author Ty Schwamberger’s short story of the same name.  It has been described as the twilight zone that was never made.

Kristin Deyling as Mary, takes you through the mind of a woman Desperate for reconciliation.  Steven Brockway is the husband of 11 years and Julie Temple is his secretary in this twisted triangle of deceit.

“My entire life has been centered on the time 11:11.  I was born at 11:11, I started kindergarten at 11:11, graduated from high school at 11:11; I even married my husband at 11:11.  Then I found out that my husband of ten years was having an affair with his secretary at 11:11 one week ago today.

Today is our anniversary, our 11th anniversary.  It’s only appropriate that this happens today.  Why does this have to happen today?  I won’t let him ruin it for me.  Not now.  That number is mine.     11:11”

Cyanotic – Run Time: 11 mins.

The story of the last zombie in Ohio after the world has recovered from the zombie apocalypse.  We follow Chad M. (Jacob Keeton) as he and his devoted sister (Jonda Bechter) somehow manage to keep him alive the best a zombie can be alive.  Directed by Warren Provencal.

Rounder – Run Time: 13 mins.

This is just a teaser for the feature film of the same name being filmed later this summer.  Lynn’s friend takes her out for an evening on the town when she meets a handsome and mysterious man.  Soon she finds herself in a nightmarish game of cat and mouse. Starring Jonda Bechter of Cyanotic.  Written and Directed by Warren Provencal.

A total of almost 50 minutes of suspenseful viewing pleasure (includes bonus commentary).  The official release date of the film is on May 13th, 2010.

But, if you act now, you can Pre-Order your very own DVD copy of Cake Batter for only $10.00 plus FREE shipping!  Shipping of all orders will start 2-weeks after the release date.  The Free shipping is only good until the release date.  After May 13th the price will still be only $10.00 but extra for shipping.

How to Order:

For Pre-Ordering your very own copy of Cake Batter, send an email to Warren Provencal at: .  Include in the subject line: ‘Cake Batter Pre-Order’ to qualify for the free shipping.  In the body of the email you must include your full name and mailing address.  Warren will then reply and instruct you on how to go about making your payment to him via PayPal.  Again, shipping of any pre-orders will begin 2-weeks after the release date of May 13th.  (Note:  To place an order after 5/13/10, you would still use the above email address).

If you haven’t already, you can view the 1-minute trailer to Cake Batter by clicking here.

Then head over to the Storefront and pick yourself up a Cake Batter t-shirt and/or coffee mug!

Order & Enjoy!


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