Write Your Last Rites

Well, you’re really not going to be writing your own last rites…unless you’re into that sort of macabre thing.  But, I did have the opportunity to speak with the Editor at the coming soon ezine, Last Rites Publishing.  And I have to say, I’m impressed. 

Not only does the zine have a snappy name, but he’s got a business plan in place to build it into a great new small press that will put out books in the near future.  I especially like how he is going to feature ‘Sections’ on the site for different types of fiction.  Cool stuff.  In fact, I’ve agreed to…oh, wait…I won’t let the corpse out of the bag on that just yet.

In the meantime, go check out the newly launched site, the submission guidelines (they open in October) and give your muse a go at writing something for them.

Besides, it’s always better to write about how someone else lived than your own last rites.


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