New Online Serial Short Story

The second short story I ever wrote, ‘Gnomus’, was published on Orion’s Child Magazine (ezine) in August 2008.  It was a nasty little tale of a garden gnome coming to life and reeking havoc on a guy.  I then had ‘The Ringmaster’ published in October 2009 on OC.  This story centered around a young boy’s dream of running a circus and all the bad things that can happen under the Big Top.  There was nothing published by OC in 2010.  Both of the aforementioned stories will be in my collection, For After Midnight, that should come out later this month (fingers crossed).

Now it’s time for another kind of tale…

‘The Panther, the Lion, and the Wolf’ – a new (and FREE) serial (with zombies!) that will start on OC starting this month.  This time I’m co-writing the story with a very talented writer by the name of Penny Mason.  

You can read the first part of the serial, ‘The Panther’, by clicking here.


One thought on “New Online Serial Short Story

  1. Big addict of this website, a great deal of your posts have seriously helped me out. Looking forward to improvements!

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