Curious Minds Wanna Know…

Some of you might be wondering what happened to the Ambrotos Press page on this site.  As of this past Friday, I made the decision to resign as Acquisitions Editor.  All titles that were under the imprint will now be handled by either Dark Quest Books or their appropriate author/editor, except for the two novellas and last anthology that were planned for 2012.  The rights to those contracts have been returned to their respective authors/editor.  The first title that was to be under Ambrotos, Relics & Remains, will still come out, but will be under Dark Quest and not AP.  I don’t have a specific release date from the publisher as of yet.  All books that were to come after R&R in 2011 would fall under the discretion of the author/editor to inform you of its status.

Without going into details; the decision to resign was solely mine and I felt like it was best for all parties involved.  In addition, I have pulled my two books that were originally scheduled to be released by DQB.  I’ll have new information for you soon who will be putting those out.


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