In The Pipeline…

It’s been awhile since I posted, let alone fill you in on everything that’s going to be released in the near future. So, below you will find a list of works, and their tentative release dates.



Note: Why did I leave “TBA” in this post? Perhaps this is a tease of an annoucement that should be coming in the next month or so..?


Grave Intentions, Blue Leaf Publications, 3Q 2012.

‘The K-Club’, part of These Hallowed Halls (a 3-novella collection by Mike Oliveri, Gord Rollo & Myself), MHB Press, Summer 2012.

DININ’, Bad Moon Books, 1Q 2012.

The Fields (Introduction by Jonathan Maberry), The Zombie Feed, an imprint of Apex Publications, October 2011.


For After Midnight (short story collection), Naked Snake Press, October 2011. 


Cadence in Decay (Editor), MHB Press, Early 2012.

Relics & Remains (Editor), Dark Quest Books, TBA.

Short Stories

‘Urban Monsoon’, Morpheus Tales Magazine, Issue #17, July 2012.

‘Hung With Care’, A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre (Anthology)4Q 2011. 


House Call (feature length film), Little Oak Film Group, Currently in Pre-Production.


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