March Plug #1 — Joseph Mulak


Haunted Whispers by Joseph Mulak


A university student doing a thesis on fear takes his research too far…A man learns he’s next in line to be the Grim Reaper, but doesn’t want to give up his life…An angel forces a man to relive his worst memory…A former Nazi hiding in Canada is haunted by more than just his past…A couple haunted by an unspeakable act committed with the best intentions, with dire consequences. People haunted by whispers of the past, trying to forget and move on. No matter how hard they try, how far they run, it waits for them. And just when they think they’re safe, the whispers begin again…


Joseph Mulak is the author of several short stories which have appeared in such anthologies as Masters of Horror: The Anthology, Dark Things II and Death Be Not Proud. Most of these have been reprinted in his new collection, Haunted Whispers. He is currently working on a collection of two novellas entitled Angel Dust and a young adult fantasy, Serena’s Lullaby. He currently lives in North Bay, Ontario with his four children and can be contacted through his website.

You can purchase the Trade Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon.


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