March Plug #4 — Steve Byrne


Phoenix by Steve Byrne


Vietnam 1967.

Something monstrous has risen from the ashes of war…

When the US marines enter the hidden village of Mau Giang, they unleash an ancient darkness from within its temple walls. A fearful secret kept for generations by the native Montagnard tribespeople.

Abraham Curtis travels to Vietnam to visit his sister Jenny, an aid worker in Saigon. Together they join a humanitarian convoy into the Central Highlands, where Jenny is to adopt a child orphaned by the conflict.

But the influence of the breached temple is spreading its contagion across the combat zones of Vietnam like gangrene through flesh, and soon it will destroy Bram’s world. Pursued by a bloodthirsty cult, he must search for his missing sister through the war-torn wastelands, his only companions deserters, rebel soldiers and a woman who may not be quite human.

Across the world, protestors line the streets. The battle lines are drawn – war and peace, hawk or dove. Is this the apocalyptic coming of the Man of Blood, prophesised by Nostradamus? On panic filled streets, during the Fall of Saigon, Bram will find his answer.


Steve Byrne has an obsession with all things horror that led him to begin writing novels . Many years ago he had some short stories published in various small press magazines, and was hawking four books around various publishers. But then the bottom dropped out of both the horror market, and Steve’s world. He didn’t write for a long while. But now he’s back, with an axe to grind. You’d better take cover – ‘cause it ain’t gonna be pretty! You can learn more about Steve on his website.

You can download the Kindle edition on Amazon US or Amazon UK. The Trade Paperback will be available soon.


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