March Plug #7 — Lydia Peever


Pray Lied Eve by Lydia Peever


Kaia is haunted by fingerprints marring the basement door. No matter how hard she scrubs, they return over and over. The only things in the cellar are old Halloween decorations, and she double checks, everyday. 

Connor has sighted the most miraculous and mysterious thing in his life. Either no one else can see them, or no one believes it. Ice balls larger than a fist smash to the ground regularly. When the church bells ring just right, another one falls. 

Laurel knows animals can talk. Sometimes they ask her to do things. One will explain why they have always been drawn to her. By that time, she has grown and so have they; into hideous demons with terrible demands.


Lydia Peever is a journalist and horror author living in Ottawa. With articles in some newspapers and a few magazines, she is currently working on the sequel to her violent vampire novel, Nightface published by Post Mortem Press.

With too many hobbies and diverse interests, you may find her researching genealogy in a dusty library, profiling artists for, or taking photos at a punk show. By day, she haunts trendy cafés, tends poison flowerbeds, and photographs roadkill.

You can find her short fiction Crocodile Rot in Dark Moon Digest #10, Thicker Than in For When the Veil Drops from West Pigeon Press, and The Tapestry in the forthcoming Postscripts to Darkness IV.

The final story in Pray Lied Eve, ‘Bad Shepherd’ has been read by fellow author Nelson W. Pyles for The Wicked Library horror podcast. You can listen here.

You can learn more about Lydia’s work on her website.

You can purchase the Trade Paperback or Kindle on Amazon.


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