House Call, First Viewing

House Call DVDsHouse Call premiered a week and a half ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I’ve heard the film was well received by fans in attendance at the convention. Since my wedding is next month, along with various other obligations, I was unable to attend and watch the film with everyone else for the first time. Yesterday I received some advanced copies of the DVD from Little Oak Film Group. Last night I was able to sit down and watch the film.

Some authors write entire novels while a mental film projector plays – a particular actor/actress playing each role, the setting, how the dialog sounds as it comes out of the person’s mouth, lighting, camera angles – inside their head. There is perhaps one or two things where I’ve written an entire story like that, but for the most part this just isn’t how my mind works. Although, in my novellas The Fields, DININ’ and Last Night Out, a clip did play in my head during one scene in each of those works. If you’ve read any of those, you can probably guess which ones. In the story of House Call, which this screenplay was adapted from, there really wasn’t any particular scene that worked like that while I penned it. The unpublished novella (which I talk about, among other things, during a featurette on the DVD) of House Call was actually written three or four years ago. All of the aforementioned books were written long after this story, so perhaps the technique of how I write has altered a bit since.

Why do I mention all this you ask? Well, I shall tell you.

If I would have had a projector spinning inside my skull, while writing this story, the movie version of House Call is what I would have pictured. It would take me several more paragraphs to say what an awesome job each and every one of the cast & crew did, but that’s exactly how I feel. From the lead actor/actress to the supporting roles, camera work, dialog and setting of each scene, I was very pleased how the film turned out.

And I think you will be too.

The DVD of House Call will be made available on Amazon in about a month. Until then, you can check out everything related to the film (synopsis, cast & crew, movie poster, production stills, movie trailer, etc) by clicking HERE.

Stay tuned.


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