The New Beginning (Take Two)

I’ve always been a huge fan of horror. I was born in 1977, so I grew up during the 80s horror boom. I wrote my first short horror story in 6th grade. Fast forward to 2007 – that’s when I picked up by first book by Richard Laymon. I was hooked! That’s when I said to myself, “Hey, I can write some twisted stuff too!” In early 2008 I started writing my own material – three months later I had pounded out 100k words. It was subsequently published in late 2008. It wasn’t written very well, but that’s what began my journey in the horror genre. Through the years I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of short stories published, a novel, several novellas, editor in several anthologies, audio books, and even had two of my stories adapted into film (House Call & Cake Batter). I also ran two imprints over the years. I made a ton of contacts, and even more importantly, friends in the horror community. But then in late 2013 something happened. I had just spent nearly 12 months pitching an anthology to one of the Big 5 publishing houses. I obviously can’t tell you ‘who’ would have been part of it, but sometimes pitching a project to one of the ‘King’ publishers, can be the pits. After so much promise and work it was finally shot down by one of the publishers at the company. I was devastated to say the least. I thought to myself, if I can’t get ‘this’ project picked up by one of the Big 5, then what the hell am I wasting my time doing all this writing, marketing, etc, etc, etc for. 

In 2014, SST Publications put out my homage to Richard Laymon’s A Writer’s Tale (I’m fortunate enough to own a copy. I’ve always called it ‘my writing Bible’.). I entitled my first non-fiction work, The Death of a Horror Writer. I even had Richard’s wife, Ann, write the Introduction. It just made sense. I wasn’t trying to copy Laymon’s book, but instead, told my account of what it was like coming up in the horror genre. I wasn’t being winey or a bitch by ‘retiring’ from writing because of this or that happening or not happening, but instead my psyche just couldn’t take it any longer. I was worn out and needed a break. On a single page at the end of that book I wrote, ‘The End is the New Beginning’. I didn’t know at the time what I meant by that, but knew it had to be in the finished book.

Fast forward to one month ago. After 6 years of not writing (or even reading!) I picked up a Laymon book. I read for about an hour or so that first night. The next morning when I awoke, I knew something had changed. I said to my wife, “I think I’m ready to get back into writing again.” I was jittery, full of nervous energy for the craft I had given up so many years before.

So, why do I want to get back into the fray now? Well, unfortunately, there’s no deep answer I can give you. Sometimes you just know when it’s time. 

Time to get going again.

To get back out there and wreak some havoc.

Time for…

The New Beginning.


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