Grave Intentions – Now Available!


Rodney’s life started to spiral out of control after the untimely death of his beloved wife. He ended up on the rough streets: fighting for his sanity and looking for his next fix. But it was his hunger for getting high and trying to forget his former life that was the hardest for him to control. Or at least he thought. Then came the night when he and another junkie walked into Parkside Cemetery, dug up a body and…and took a drink.

That’s when Rodney’s life really changed.

Derrick, Craig, Joan and Stacy were the best of friends, if not a little more at times. Late one night before their impending first days of college, they decided to have a liquid-picnic in their local cemetery. It was supposed to be a night of laughs, booze and sex. Until Derrick came running back to his three friends, scared half to death. He started babbling about seeing something that looked like a werewolf.

Now the three friends must escape from the cemetery before the werewolf finds them and chomps them into little pieces.

Will all four friends survive? Or will the bloodline of the werewolf win the night?

Only the deepest bonds of friendship and something even greater holds the answer.


“A howling mad B-movie bash of beer, blood, blunders, and ghoulish hijinks.”

~Christine Morgan, author of Lakehouse Infernal

“Schwamberger’s GRAVE INTENTIONS is a frenetic blast of energy that’s full of blood and guts (and claws and teeth). A booze-soaked bloodbath nightmare with a wicked old school horror vibe.”

~David Moody, author of the AUTUMN and HATER novels

“Schwamberger’s Grave Intentions delivers on its promise: solid monster mayhem with a generous helping of humor. Pre-college teens Craig and best friend Derrick are just trying to have one last good time with girls and beer, but instead are stuck with a handful of bodies and more as they try to survive the night in a cemetery after midnight. Call this an old-fashioned gore-and-grin fest as something stalks them among the gravestones, making their last romp before college truly memorable–if only they can live through it… It’s a novella with bite!” 

~W.D. Gagliani, author of the Nick Lupo Series

You can pick up the Trade Paperback, eBook or Audiobook via Amazon.


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