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There are still a few copies left of my signed, limited (to 125) edition non-fiction (containing my last original fiction novella, “House Call”) book, The Death of a Horror Writer.

You can order via two methods:

SST Publications (my publisher) or you can contact me at ty_schwamberger AT yahoo DOT com and I will reply with payment instructions.

Cleveland ConCoction 2015

Clev Con

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be a guest at Cleveland ConCoction 2015 at the Sheraton at Cleveland Airport. Cleveland ConCoction is Sci-Fi, Gaming and Fantasy based, but it’s been three years since the last time I attended a convention, so I thought it would be fun to get back out there. Below is my schedule for the weekend (you can check out the entire programming schedule here):


Author Showcase (Session 1)
When: Fri, March 13, 6:00pm – 6:45pm
Where: Pegasus (map)
Description: Listen to your favorite authors read excerpts from newly released and soon to be released novels. Find your next great read. Ask questions, and discover the world behind the books. Panelists: S. Andrew Swann (M), Megan Engelhardt,        Ty Schwamberger, Mary Turzillo
Type: Panel, Ages: All

Autographing (Session 1) – Author Alley
When: Fri, March 13, 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Where: Lyra (map)
Description: Meet and talk with your favorite authors and rising stars. Purchase books and have them signed. The only thing more intimate is our Sunday morning Author Breakfast. Authors: Megan Engelhardt, Brian Hagan, Ty Schwamberger, Addie J. King
Type: Book Signing, Ages: All

Darkness & Light
When: Fri, March 13, 8:00pm – 8:45pm
Where: Orion / Main Programing (map)
Description: Fiction needs more than relentless grim-dark, and more than sparkly unicorn rainbows, in order to work well. Panelists: S. Andrew Swann (M), Ty Schwamberger, Brian Hagan, Marcus V. Calvert, Sarah Hans
Type: Panel, Ages: All

Horror Q & A: Check Yourself at the Door
When: Fri, March 13, 11:00pm – 11:45pm
Where: Gemini (map)
Description: Q & A about horror and why the macabre is so appealing. Panelists: Ty Schwamberger (M)
Type: Q & A, ages: All


Common Problems Encountered by New Authors
When: Sat, March 14, 3:00pm – 3:45pm
Where: Pegasus (map)
Description: Discuss common problems published authors encountered as new authors and get advice on how to avoid these hurdles in the modern publishing age. Panelists: Sandra Gurvis (M), Tobias Buckell, Ty Schwamberger, Pete P.J. Grondin
Type: Panel, Ages: All

Building Toward the Ultimate Literary Climax
When: Sat, March 14, 4:00pm – 4:45pm
Where: Orion / Main Programing (map)
Description: Lessons on writing to build anticipation and heighten any story’s climax. Panelists: Sandra Gurvis (M), S. Andrew Swann, Ty Schwamberger, Adrian J. Matthews, Christine Benedict
Type: Panel, Ages: All


For the book signing on Friday, I’ll have copies of Deep Dark Woods, Last Night Out, DININ’, Fell Beasts and The Death of a Horror Writer available for purchase. You are, of course, more than welcome to bring your own copies for me to sign (but then you have to buy me a beer at the bar).

Hope to see you there!


Acorn Bookshop

DININ_store copyDININ_sig page

The Acorn Bookstore in Columbus, Ohio is a 22-year-old brick n’ mortar general secondhand/antiquarian bookshop. They have everything from inexpensive paperbacks to collectable books worth thousands of dollars. They have about 50,000 books in
their two-floor store.

Yvonne at Acorn recently sent me the above photos of DININ’. This is my most rare book to date. This signed, limited hardcover was published in December 2012 by Bad Moon Books (it was later released — and is still available — in Trade Paperback and eBook). This particular copy is #11 of 72.

So, if you’re ever in the Columbus, Ohio area and are looking for a cool little bookstore go check out Acorn. They are located at 1464 West Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 or you can visit them online.

A şaptea Casă (The 7th House)

Revista de Suspans_Sept2014

(Here’s another one I missed last year)

Revista de suspans is a Romanian horror zine who first translated my short story “One Brew Too Many?” then went on to translate and publish my short story “Gnomus”. They then translated and published my short story “The 7th House” back in September 2014. This 6,600 word short story is a follow-up to “Gnomus”.

The 7th House takes place at a haunted house attraction where Steven exacts his revenge on Deborah’s nasty little way of making him do what she wants.

Below are the links to the story in both Romanian and English.

“A şaptea Casă”

“The 7th House”

TDOAHW — Photos

0117151602a 0117151603 0117151724 ATT_1422729867217_0117151627a House Call pic





I thought some of you that are still on the fence about purchasing a copy would like to see some actual photos of the signed, limited edition hardcover of The Death of a Horror Writer.

Hope you dig them enough to pick up one of the few remaining copies. If so, you can do so via the link below.

SST Publications

The Killing Club (audio book)

The Killing Club_Amazon audio book cover
Cover model, Candice Wright.


The audio book edition of my novella The Killing Club is now available to download (mp3) on Amazon & Audible.com. It was narrated and produced by Chloe Golden. You can also listen to a free sample via the links.

The Killing Club_ebook cover

You can still download the Kindle edition on Amazon.

Last Night Out (audio book)

Last Night Out_Amazon audio book cover

The audio book edition of my novella Last Night Out is now available to download (mp3) on Amazon & Audible.com. It was narrated and produced by Chloe Golden. You can also listen to a free sample via the links.

Last Night Out_cover

You can still purchase the Trade Paperback & Kindle editions on Amazon.

Cursed Curiosities

Cursed Curiosities

This one is a few months late. The truth of the matter is; until recently, I didn’t know this anthology was released back in August by Barbwire Butterfly Books. In any event, my short story “Gnomus” was reprinted in this tome. Take a gander, if you like.


Buyer Beware!

If you’ve recently approached a strange emporium of oddities or antiquities, I hope you’ve taken a few things into consideration…

What urge brought you there?

Were you drawn to a particular item on display?

Did it call out to you?

Though everything inside was for sale, did you consider how much you were willing to spend? Perhaps you proffered the listed price, or perhaps you haggled the price down a bit. But did you consider the imperceptible fine print? You may just find you’ve paid a great deal more than what your parcel is worth.

The following twenty-seven works chronicle such transactions. When you purchase this anthology, be sure you’re only paying the listed price to a reputable dealer. Otherwise, I cannot be responsible for the consequences.

You can learn more about this anthology and pick up your own Trade Paperback copy HERE.


House Call (in TDOAHW)

baddies illo_House Call
One of three original illustrations for “House Call” in THE DEATH OF A HORROR WRITER. Artwork by Ade Barrett

Below is an excerpt from Chapter Eleven of THE DEATH OF A HORROR WRITER.

In late 2009, Adam Lewis and I met online. At that point we were both up-and-comers and looking for new story ideas. We started talking and eventually came up with an idea for a 3-novella collection. Each story contained in the book would have a common theme: A doctor would make a “house call” and then some really bad stuff would happen. I entitled my story “House Call” and would lead off the collection. Below is the synopsis of my story.

Mariam thought it was going to be a weekend of relaxation. She had her little sister to take care of, but knew she could that handle that without much of a problem. That all changed when Jessica got extremely sick and Mariam had no other choice but to call the family doctor to make a house call.

John and Nick decide tonight is perfect to burglarize a house. They stake out the place and are delighted to find the only people inside are two young girls. It was going to be easy to pull off.

Or so they thought.

What ensues is a battle between the girls that are home alone and the two bad men.

Little do any of them know someone else plans to make a house call of their own.

Adam called his story “The Torturing Pestilence”. We then started discussing who else to bring into the mix. At that point neither of us had many contacts in the genre so we didn’t have many options. Fortunately, around the time same, I had started writing book reviews for the now defunct Withersin Magazine and got to know the owner Misty Gersley fairly well. Misty was into publishing some twisted and strange stuff in her magazine so it only made sense to invite her to be the third writer for the collection. And away we went. Adam and I finished ours in a few months. But, that’s when things hit a roadblock. Misty had some things come up in her life (as we all do) and was struggling to finish her novella in time for our self-imposed deadline. So Adam and I waited, and waited, then waited some more. After a few months, Misty informed us she wouldn’t be able to complete her story. We thanked her for her efforts and moved on. But at that point “moving on” was the problem. I don’t recall the details now, but I believe we attempted to invite another person or two to write the third story of the collection. Nothing. Nada. Nobody. That’s when the project died. Adam and I decided we would take our stories and do with whatever we pleased. I submitted my novella to tons of publishers, but it was never picked up for publication. I know Adam tried a few times as well, but mostly wanted to retool the novella before trying to get it published somewhere.

In mid-2011, while online I met Michelle Henderson and Shannon Casto of Texas based Little Oak Film Group. I believe I messaged them first after seeing one of their independent films on DVD. Me, always looking to expand, brought up the idea of them adapting one of my stories for film. I believe I sent them two stories, one of which was House Call. They ended up liking it and wanted to make it into a feature-length film. Shannon would write the screenplay, while Michelle would direct the film. I was ecstatic. At that point I only had one other story (Cake Batter) that had been made into a short film, so I was extremely excited to see one of my tales made into a feature-length. It was decided that Little Oak would handle the production side of things, while I would handle the marketing side once the film was finished. And away we went. Shannon finished the screenplay in only a few months and sent it onto me to read and make any suggestions. Before reading it, she did warn me that two things were changed from the original story: The main character’s sister was now a brother and a graphic rape scene towards the end of the story had been removed. I told Shannon I understood and didn’t have a problem with the changes. I then read and approved the script. Filming started mid-2012 and the film (1 hour, 20 minutes) was eventually released on DVD in early 2012.

House Call_movie poster1Below is the synopsis for the film version of my story.

Mariam thought it was going to be a weekend of relaxation. She had her little brother to take care of, but knew that wouldn’t be a problem. That all changed when Vince got sick and Mariam had no other choice but to call the family doctor to make a house call.

John and Nick decide it’s a perfect night to burglarize a house. They stake out the place and are delighted to find the only people inside are two kids – an easy in-and-out job.

Or so they thought.

What ensues is a battle between the kids that are home alone and the two bad men.

Little do any of them know someone else plans to make a house call of their own.

And that’s when the curse of “House Call” started all over again. As much as I tried to promote, provide contacts of film distributors to Little Oak (who, from what I understand from one person that was interested in distributing the DVD, they didn’t use the right quality of film equipment and editing software, so it wasn’t of good enough quality to mass-produce and distribute), and inquire with folks to review the film, it ended up being all for not. While the DVD was (and still is) available on Amazon to order, Little Oak never entered the film in any contests or festivals to help get the word out. I was surprised to find this wasn’t part of their normal practice after making a movie: TO PROMOTE IT! When asked, Shannon told me it was expensive to enter films in festivals (to Little Oak’s credit, they did take and sell some copies of the DVD to Texas Frightmare Weekend in 2012) and such. Which, of course, I understood, but what the hell? Really? What’s the point of spending money (even a $2,000 production budget) on making something, then not do anything with it? In fact, Shannon actually accused me of not doing my job to promote and sell more copies. Really?

In any event, I think the film itself came out great. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job and the film itself was very much in line with my original story (which is always a plus for a writer).

I suppose sometimes you just have to realize that things are what they are and move on.

Interesting enough, out of everything I’ve written since I started out in 2008, House Call is the only story that was never published. I’m not sure why, as I think it’s a fun, creepy and brutal little tale.

So, I decided to include it in this tome.

Besides, don’t all writers have a tale that’s released postmortem?

This is mine.

Hope you enjoy!


There are still a few of the original number of 125 signed, limited edition hardcover copies left. But, you better hurry. Click one of the below links to Pre-Order my first non-fiction book (with a little bit of fiction thrown in for good taste).


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