New Website Header

You’ve probably already noticed, but I changed out the above header on the site. The creepy, haunted house with my name had been place since September 2008, so I figured it was time for a change. Going forward, as each title comes out, I’ll remove the oldest book cover and replace it with a new one. Just a fun little thing to keep doing. Hope ya’ll like it. Feel free to let me know what you think.

I’m Going To Hell

Ok, so I’m literally not going to Hell.  At least I hope not, yet.  But, I have been asked to visit.  Ok, so that’s not entirely true, either.  But, I was asked to write a monthly column on beginning in February.

The name of the column will be ‘Ty-ing Up The Genre’ and will first appear on or around February 15th. 

The basic concept of the ongoing column is to discuss writing and publishing in the horror genre.  Not only will I be hosting and writing a few of the columns myself, but I have also secured a hefty guest list, as well.  Some of the guests that will be either writing an article for a given month or doing an interview with me include: Scott Sandridge (Fear and Trembling Magazine), Tim Deal (Shroud Magazine), Maurice Broaddus (horror author), Jack Ketchum (horror author), Michael Knost (horror author & editor) and Jason Sizemore (Apex Books).

The first column that will appear on February 15th will be written by me and will be titled ‘An Introduction’.  The March 15th column will be titled ‘Up-and-Comers’ and will be an interview with three of them in the genre.  The April 15th column will be titled ‘So You Want to be an Editor’ and will be written by Maurice Broaddus.  The lineup of the other participants will be announced as the become available.

So, come February 15th, I’m officially inviting you to join me in Hell…I promise you’ll enjoy your visit!