Why I Do What I Do

I’ve gotten a few emails about this, so I figured it was time to post something about my writing, editing anthologies, and my role as Acquisitions Editor of Ambrotos Press.

As I touched on in my article for Morpheus Tales #11, it’s all about diversifying yourself.  This also goes into why I don’t ever see myself having an agent.  Reason being; I really do enjoy all aspects of the publishing world – from writing a story, editing them, or working with a publisher on the business side of things.  I find the process of each thing fascinating, and I think if you follow me on here or on Facebook, you’ll see how passionate I am about it all.  I enjoy crafting a story just as much as working with another author to get their short story, novella or novel into print.  I dig working with cover artists on my own stuff and that of others.  Pretty much the whole thing.  I can’t speak for the other genres, but folks in the horror realm are some of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met.  I love this world, even though it does make my blood pressure rise sometimes, and it’s always been my dream to do it fulltime (though some ask how I work two jobs and find time to write…to which I reply…Red Bull) one day – which I have no doubt will happen. 

The point of all this is; yes, I am still writing (which can be seen by the number of books I have coming out over the next two years), being the Editor for anthologies AND running Ambrotos Press.

Welcome to my world.  This is only the beginning.


Ty-ing Up the Genre with Tim Deal

This month, ‘Ty-ing Up the Genre’ on Hellnotes dot com brought in guest, Tim Deal with Shroud Magazine, to write an article for the column. 

You can read Tim’s article, ‘The Unnecessary Defense of Our Genre’ by clicking here.