Cake Batter (short film) — The 2 Year Anniversary!

Cake Batter was released by Shadetree Films on DVD in early 2010. It was shown at a convention that same summer, selling out shortly thereafter. But, my short story from which the screenplay was adapted, didn’t come out until it was included in the table of contents in For After Midnight — released in Trade Paperback, eBook (both from Naked Snake Press) in October 2011 and eventually just this month in audio book from Cup O’ Tea Productions — you can purchase any of these editions on Amazon.

Since it’s the 2-year anniversary of the short film’s release, I decided to give all of you that didn’t buy the DVD the chance to watch it.

From the back cover of the DVD:

Cake Batter is an adaptation of author Ty Schwamberger’s short story of the same name. Described as the Twilight Zone that was never made.

Kristin Deyling as Mary, takes you through the mind of a woman desperate for reconciliation. Steven Brockway is the husband of 11 years and Julie Temple is his secretary in this twisted triangle of deceit.

“My entire life has been centered on the time 11:11. I was born at 11:11, started kindergarten at 11:11, graduated from high school at 11:11, I even married my husband at 11:11. Then I found out that my husband of ten years was having an affair with his secretary one week ago today.

“Today is our anniversary, our 11th anniversary. It’s only appropriate that this happens today. Why does this have to happen today? I won’t let him ruin it for me. Not now. That number is mine. 11:11”

Click here to check out the trailer, then go watch the entire 23-minute short film for free on YouTube. Enjoy!