Update: Page Proofs for Night School

So, I read like a man possessed last night and this morning and finished noting my requested changes to the page proofs to Night School.  Since then, I have sent them back to the publisher.  They will hopefully implement all my changes and send me back the final proofs to sign-off on.  Then, like I said, the book will go into the cover design department.  Hopefully, this stage will be quick, as I already submitted a piece of artwork for the book to have.  Of course, the publisher always has final say on this, so, again, I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Once that stage is done, the book will go to the printer and I will be informed of the release date.  I will then post the cover to the book on here and let you know when and where the book will be available.

Just a reminder, that you can read the synopsis (back cover) and an excerpt from Night School, under Freebies over on your right.


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