Night School – Update

Yesterday, I received from the publisher the final page proofs for my upcoming novel, Night School.  Since that time, I have reviewed and given my sign-off on the text.  Now, it will officially enter the cover design stage of publication.  Again, let’s just hope they use the artwork that I sent in.

At this point, I expect to hear from the cover design department within the next week or two and then the book will be sent to the printer.  I will also have a better idea at that time of the official release date and will share it with you then.

It’s getting closer, people…

As a reminder, you can read the back cover text and an excerpt from Night School to your right under Freebies.


One thought on “Night School – Update

  1. Good luck with this, Ty: hope your story is well-treated. I endured over 20 years of deftless tampering from editors and moronic publishers and that was what compelled me into the world of indie writing. May you have better fortune…

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