Reviews (needed)

As I prepare for my first of several Appearances this year (beginning with a book signing this coming Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio), I wanted to ask each of you that has bought and read the book, to go to Amazon and write a book review for me.  If you haven’t purchased on Amazon in the past and are unable to post a review there, feel free to post it to any other store’s website.  As a thanks for doing a review, let me know when its done and I’ll send you some free bookmarks of Night School.

If you have yet to buy the book, visit the Storefront to do so.  If you still don’t know what the book is about or want to read an excerpt, click here.

Oh, I received the copies of Werewolf Magazine #9 on Friday and they turned out great.  You can purchase the magazine, which contains my short story, ‘Thirst’ by visiting the Storefront, as well.



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