Booksigning Results

It was a windy day here in Cleveland, Ohio.  The streets outside Visible Voice Books where the signing took place were flooded and it took wearing knee high boots unless you wanted your feet all wet.  Regardless of that, some customers strolled into the store and I got to talk to a few of them about Night School and my short story, ‘Thirst’ that came out last week in Werewolf Magazine #9.  There were also a few that bought the book and got it signed.  Overall, I wouldn’t rank this the best signing in the world, but taking into consideration the location and outside elements, it went well and I enjoyed seeing some familiar and new faces that walked through the door.  Thank you to those of you that took the time out to see me at my first signing in 2009.

Now…I gear up for the second signing of 2009 at Borders on the 28th of this month.  You can read more about this signing, the location, etc, here.


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