Newspaper Interview

I am originally from a small town, a half hour north of Dayton, Ohio, named Covington.  When I moved away shortly after college, the town had a population of around 3,000 people.  The town was so small that we didn’t have a newspaper that was printed in the town itself.  The majority of folks in town read the Piqua Daily Call, which came out of the City of Piqua, the next town over from Covington.  As any newspaper, it covered local, national and international news.

Recently, I was interviewed by Jennifer Runyon from the paper.  The interview will appear in the Monday, February 23rd edition. 

Since the majority of you won’t be able to read the interview, you can still see the majority of the questions I was asked in FAQs or in the other interviews I have done recently.

In addition to the interview, I was asked to submit a photo of myself holding Night School.  I figured I would go ahead and post the picture here, not only to give you a feel for the article but to finally let some of you see what I look like (besides the small picture in About Me).

In any event, below is the picture I sent in.  Disregard the nerdy smile and fluffy hair (I normally look a whole lot more cool…ok, well, maybe not).


3 thoughts on “Newspaper Interview

  1. Ty,
    How interesting that you posted this on your Web site. People can read the story that will be in Monday’s paper by visiting our Web site On Monday it will be (or should be you never know when news is going to happen so it’s kind of hard to predict) one of three top stories in the center of the Web site. After that it will be under top news under editorial on the left. The top news is free even though it doesn’t say it. Thanks. Good luck with your future writing.

    Jennifer Runyon

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