Horror and the Human Psyche

Today, I was going to post a new interview with me that took place for Blood Moon Rising Magazine #37.  Although, I noticed when the issue came out (online) my interview wasn’t there – so it’s on to Plan B, until I find out what’s going on.

Alot of people ask me why I write/enjoy horror.  I always tell them that as far as movies and books go, that is the genre I have always enjoyed the most.  In fact, when I am in a bookstore, the first (and most of the time the only) rack I go to is the horror section.  Most of the time the section is too small and only has books by the Mr. Big Name Author (though, I would have to disagree with what he writes today that is classifies as horror).  But, I digress. 

People then always seen to ask me, “don’t you think horror movies and books have a negative effect on people and society?”  I reply, “no, no I don’t.” 

And THIS is why.


3 thoughts on “Horror and the Human Psyche

  1. Justin,

    Thank you for the kind words. You’re right, what you write doesn’t determine the type of person you are.

    I have to reference my favorite horror author, Richard Laymon, when he said, “write what you would like to read yourself.” I think those words hold a lot of meaning. Because if you aren’t writing what you yourself would like to read, then what’s the point, ya know!? If we, as horror authors, went out and started writing romance novels, we would just be a bunch of hacks.

    Just remember that someone out there must like horror or there wouldn’t be new movies, books, video games and comics coming out all the time.

    Good Luck with your writing!

  2. Hi Ty,
    I just noticed you posted to my site a couple of months ago, so I dropped in to see what you do.
    That Stephen King quote about keeping a boy’s heart on his desk is one of my faves.
    Horror isn’t my genre, but it sure gets the spine tingling!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ty, thank you so much for posting this article. I have had conflicting feelings about releasing my new book (my 2nd: a very dark comedy with some gruesome horror) with the way things are going in this world, and reading this article has made me feel much better about it. I’m a harmless fuzzball who lives a very good life, but I love horror movies and have a twisted imagination (and it’s been that way for as far back as I can remember). I was kind of worried that some people would think negative things about me based on my work. But I realize now that it is ONLY fiction and NOT who I am as a human being. So again, thank you!

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