Short Story Published

My short story, ‘The 7th House’ has been accepted for publication in Sinister Tales (Vol. 4.2).  The magazine is a print publication. 

About ‘The 7th House’ :

A couple visits a traveling haunted house to see the attractions. At the end of a somewhat boring night, the owner of the attraction asks them to visit the 7th House, which is by invite only. The couple accepts the offer.

What started as a simple visit to a haunted house ends with a decision that one of them will never forget.  


The release and availability date of Sinister Tales, Vol. 4.2 will be announced shortly.


3 thoughts on “Short Story Published

  1. Sounds like a great story. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks for the comments on my blog – it’s good to hear from someone who has put in the hard yards and gotten published.

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