Name The Title – Contest, revisited

I mentioned here about the ‘Name The Title’ Contest that is currently going on until the 15th.

I mention this again, because I received a request yesterday from someone asking me if it were possible for me to post the names of the short stories that will be in the collection.  I thought about it for a bit and decided that it might help some of you that are already sending me title proposals for the ‘short story collection.’

Below you will find the names of the stories that have already been written and a few words on what they are about.  Please note, these are the stories that will be sent to the publisher for the collection.  Although, there may or may not be additional titles and/or some of the below titles might be removed at the publishers discretion.  In addition, if you see a ‘*’ by a title, this means it’s a previously published story which will still be part of the collection, but you can read them now either online or by buying the magazine in which it appeared.

Below are the story’s current titles in no particular order.

‘Rebirth : The Rise of Pharaoh Masika’ (about a mummy brought back to life)

‘The 7th House’ * (haunted house attraction)

‘The Legend of Johnston’s Creek’ (creepy story about a creature that lives in a local town’s creek)

‘Cake Batter’ (a wife’s revenge)

‘Gnomus’ * (evil garden gnome)

‘Jacob’s Mind’ * (monster story)

‘The Ringmaster’ (about a circus where some creepy stuff happens)

‘Thirst’ * (werewolf story)

‘Web Blog’ (about the main female character in Night School)

‘One Brew Too Many?’ (the consequences of underage drinking & driving and premarital sex)

‘All In The Line of Duty’ (cop/zombie story)

That’s about it.  If you are interested in learning more or wish to enter the contest, click here.


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