Remember The Signing


6025 Kruse Drive

Solon, OH  44139

Event:  Signing

When:  Saturday, April 18th from 1-3pm

There will be books on hand to buy or you can bring in your own copy for me to sign.

If you aren’t in the area or won’t be able to make the signing, but still want to buy the book, visit the Storefront.

In addition, I will try and bring my laptop to the signing to play the book trailer to Night School for customers stopping by my table.  Though, if you want to view it now, click here.


2 thoughts on “Remember The Signing

  1. Hi, Renee and thank you for your question.

    Though there is no way to know exactly how many books are being sold (other than when I am sitting at a book signing or through folks that write me on this site) until I receive a check from the publisher, from everything that I’ve heard and seen the book seems to be selling fairly well.

    Promote, promote, promote is the name of the game. Oh, and then promote some more!


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