I’ve got a knife in my hand…

I received in the mail today the Night School Knife that was hand-made by JD Boren of JDB Knives

I have to say, that the pictures of the knife on this site and his don’t do the blade justice.  It’s a spectacular piece of craftmanship that really needs to be admired in your own hand to be able to take in all its glory.  So, if you are a knife enthusiast or just love a cool, limited-edition type collectable, I suggest you buy the knife and do it soon.

In light of having something new in my hand, I went ahead and posted a new excerpt to Night School.  You can read the excerpt by visiting the Excerpts page.

As a side note, the ‘current’ contest is now over (check back in the next week or so for the new one I’m working on now).  Though, if you still have some title ideas, feel free to still send them to me and I’ll see what I can do with working them into a still-to-be-written story.


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