Hypericon 5

I was originally scheduled to be a guest author at Hypericon 5 in Nashville, TN – June 5th – 7th 2009.  Though, because of cost restrictions, I was ‘bumped’ from the author guest list.  Although, I have decided to still attend the convention – as a fan.  This should be a fun event with some great authors to meet and talk to for the first time.  Specifically, I’m excited to meet one of my favorite horror authors, Brian Keene, who will be the Author Guest of Honor at the event.

Even though I won’t have a table at the event, I will still be more than happy to stop and chat or sign Night School or a magazine that one of my short story’s appeared in.  You’ll be able to spot me easy enough, as I will be wearing one of the Night School T-Shirts.  There might even be some sort of giveaway if I see someone wearing the shirt – more to come on this closer to the event.  Though, just to be certain you have the book and shirt in time, I suggest heading over to the Storefront now and picking them up.


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