Don’t Forget the Contest!

If any of you are still interested in scoring a free copy of The Richard Laymon Collection, Volume 18, a double-book, containing The Glory Bus and Friday Night in Beast House, you have until midnight on Wednesday, May 13th to enter.  To read more about book, how the contest came about and how to enter, click here.


One thought on “Don’t Forget the Contest!

  1. My love for Richard Laymon began, oddly enough, with Among The Missing. I tasked myself with reading the first chapter and by the time I knew it, I was 3/4 of the way through. I own many of his paperbacks trying to fill in my library of his through the Leisure line of re-releases. My prized Laymon novel is an original paperback copy of The Woods Are Dark. That’s the one that was butchered by the publisher and has been re-released intact thanks to Mr. Laymon’s wonderful wife. I was deeply saddened when I learned that Mr. Laymon had passed away. I am just very grateful that he knew he was loved and respected by his peers and his fans alike.

    I truly believe horror is THE best genre period. I was an English major in college and then went to law school but nothing has ever swayed me from my passion of all things horror. What’s terrific about horror is not the gore or the nudity and sex, but the emotional relationship we establish with the characters in the story, whatever medium it may be. We fear with them; we grieve with them; we love and fight with them. That’s the magic of the horror genre. Horror is so universal that you can empathize with the characters in Asian, Italian, French, Spanish horror regardless of language or custom.

    Well, I’ve bored you enough. I hope I win the contest because this prize would mean a lot to me and it’s pretty frigging cool to boot!

    Best wishes,


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